Dinos Deck by Leftoverz

King Of Games

Notes from Leftoverz

Really fun deck with a pretty high ceiling, the deck is only really playable because of the consistency provided by Masked Tribute by given you a live Survival's End when ever you draw it. Neos engine feels kinda of necessary to add some much needed protection by using Neos Fusion and Bacon Saver, the card also provides a huge amount of deck thinning increasing the chance you will draw into your Survival's End/Marrella and with the skill being Masked Tribute over Dino Kingdom it also provides as your way of outing big monsters. Survival's End is probably the best it has ever been since it is never dead when playing Masked Tribute, it also has a very good match up against a fair amount of top decks, by being able to destroy; Blue-Eyes White Dragon, The Masked Tribute Normal (Subterror) and Red-Eyes Gemini. Syncros are there for the chance that you E-Con take a Fuma or White Stone so if you don't have them don't worry. It's also worth mentioning that Masked Tribute can be activated after using Neos Fusion meaning that you can actually OTK really easily.

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