Fur Hires Deck by Jutsai

King Of Games

Notes from Jutsai

Okay, this is my 3rd climb with furs since the 2/2 wiz banlist denial and I think this meta has them as a solid rogue deck, I know furs are a nutritious yes clickers but you cannot do that anymore, I will be posting a full guide with breakdowns against all of the meta decks, works really well at conserving resources and counter attacking Koa’ki once they’ve made their big play, don’t commit to a board just to swing into their winged kuriboh, that boys everywhere. Buster is a much easier matchup, ideally you negate the dna or fusion, but their are multiple other plays you can make with the canadia/scout, and offerings to deny their plays, against vamps, pick your negate, you really don’t want to summon Dyna recklessly, you will get that non consensual suck and lose if you give them even a slither of a chance to, that play gives vamps life, no pun intended. Heroes are currently like a less scary maximus in their plays against you, they can’t inherently get over wiz and she can prevent most of their big plays, and you can crash dyna with ties into Anki should things ever get to that point. I haven’t played against enough ancient gears to be 100% on the matchup since currently most of their builds lose if you don’t set backrow. Decent climb all in all. Viva la furries dlmGotSphered

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