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Tier List Update - September 24

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Top Player Council Thoughts

On the eve of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s being added to the game, the Tier List has been updated with some minor tweaks as we prepare for a whole new era of Duel Links.

Tier 1

Amazoness and Vampires have remained solidly in Tier 1. Vampires have become one of the dominant presences in the meta, leading many other players to run Sealed Tombs as a counter-strategy. Their speed, consistency, and versatility are strong assets and have kept them in Tier 1 as one of the strongest available decks. Amazoness has been almost entirely unaffected by the loss of Amazoness Baby Tiger, continuing to dominate less powerful decks through the incredible advantage generated by Amazoness Princess. As a fairly skill-agnostic deck themselves, Amazoness has easily adapted to the presence of Vampires through the use of Sealed Tombs but can still get out-grinded quickly in games where they don’t open Princess.

Tier 2

Fur Hires have remained in Tier 2 thanks to Wiz, Sage Fur Hire’s board control capabilities, both as a defensive wall and as constant interruption to your opponent’s spell/trap effects. With the OTK-fueled aggression of Fur Hires heavily neutered by the recent Forbidden/Limited list, Fur Hires have largely moved to out-grinding their opponents. Against decks that can build formidable boards with ease and through disruption, however, Fur Hires can struggle and their lack of offensive firepower becomes very evident.

Masked Heroes have been promoted back up to Tier 2 after a brief stint in Tier 3. Their match-up with Vampires is quite good and despite struggling with the backrow of Amazoness, Heroes have been able to thrive as a deck that can steal wins out of nowhere and punish any deck that doesn’t run a lot of defense. There is little innovation in Hero deck-building anymore since the deck is quite old, but Destiny HERO - Drilldark replacing Destiny HERO - Decider has become more common to pierce through Vampire Retainer and Vampire Familiar.

TPC Comments:

kwrowe: Heroes deserve to be Tier 2 because of their ability to steal games. Not just with Mask Change plays but also with Vision HERO Trinity. A card that can single-handedly OTK Amazoness, Vampires, Furs, and even the mirror when used at the right time. Heroes also benefit from their skill versatility. They can use Sealed Tombs to shut off Vampires and Spellbooks, Switcheroo to gain consistency, or Beatdown to improve OTK chances. This makes the deck quite versatile. Finally, Masked Heroes have benefited from Spellbooks dropping in popularity because of Sealed Tombs. This was a hard match-up for the deck because of Silent Magician. However, since this deck-type has decreased in play Heroes have been allowed to thrive more.

Negative1: The strength of Heroes in the current meta is twofold: (1) A favorable matchup against Vampires. With Vampires rising to the top as the strongest deck in the game, Heroes are positively affected. Heroes are favored against Vampires as Vampires run very little in the way of backrow, and many Hero monsters can take advantage of the Vampire playstyle. Destiny HERO - Drilldark has pierce damage against low defense Vampires, Destiny HERO - Celestial destroys key face-up spell cards, and Masked HERO Anki destroys monsters and subsequently searches another Mask Change. This results in a deck that can OTK Vampires with ease because of how Vampires must spend life points to initiate their search effects. (2) The ability to play despite Sealed Tombs. A side-effect of Vampires being the strongest deck is that many players have begun running Sealed Tombs as a counter skill. While Heroes do benefit greatly from their graveyard effects, Mask Change allows them to play the game despite not having access this part of their arsenal.

Tier 3

Spellbooks have been demoted to Tier 3, in large part due to the increased usage rate of Sealed Tombs. Because they rely so heavily on abusing Spellbook of Fate every turn, losing a full two turns to an un-counterable skill hurts a lot. Meanwhile U.A. has remained in Tier 3 as one of the best rogue decks, being able to steal games if they open well (but struggling to play at all if they don’t).

Serenity: Spellbooks have been on a rapid decline ever since the rise of Vampires. Not necessarily because of Vampires themselves, but because of how Vampires have affected the meta. Although Spellbooks have incredible consistency and glass cannon capability with Silent Magician, the immense popularity of both Amazoness and Sealed Tombs as a result of Vampires affects their performance greatly. It is still a very powerful rogue contender and when used correctly can dominate most of the current meta decks, but Spellbooks miss their role as a strong counter-pick deck that they had during the Tier 0 Fur Hire format.

High Potential

Yubel has been added to High Potential with the release of her third form, Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare. Yubel’s first form synergizes very well with the older Fire King cards (like Fire King Avatar Yaksha and Fire King Island) since they can destroy her while she’s in your hand. This lets you float into the second form Yubel - Terror Incarnate, which works well with the Fire Kings’ original boss monster, Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys. The core idea of the deck is to get both Terror Incarnate and Phoenix on the field at the same time; Terror will destroy all monsters every turn (including Phoenix) while Phoenix comes back on your turns to blow up all backrow and let you punch for 2400 damage.

Once this deck gets going, it is quite formidable because Yubel can be difficult to remove from the field while Phoenix is looping with it. However, Yubel is prone to bricks and provides very little early offensive pressure without opening extremely well. Furthermore Sealed Tombs is growing in popularity thanks to Vampires, and this can stop an early Phoenix play. Yubel is also susceptible to miss her timing if destroyed on Chain Link 2 or higher, so many players can remove Terror by simply chaining Treacherous Trap Hole to any other effect. Because of its weak early performances against the Tier 1 decks, Yubel has a lot of work to do to prove that it belongs on the Tier List after further optimizations and improvements.

This week we have the Meta Weekly on 9/25 at 2pm EST and other community events throughout the week. Expect the results of these events to have a strong influence on the tier list.

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Tier List update written by superforms.

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