KCC Tier List Update

Luke Tyler

Normally comprised of the decks expected to perform well in community tournaments, KC Cup Tier Lists rank the decks which are expected to perform well in Stage 2 of the KC Cup. There isn’t a massive difference between the metas of tournaments and KC Cups, but some factors such as accumulating wins at a fast rate can make a deck a more popular pick for a KC Cup. And a very slow deck could be a less popular pick in a KC Cup, unless an expected high winrate compensates for not being able to get as many games in. These factors won’t necessarily determine if a deck is good or bad, but they are deck building factors for some that exist in KC Cup metas and not in tournaments.

Tier 1


Everybody’s eyes are on Witchcrafters. The deck can generate immerse advantage every turn and can deal with control strategies like Elementsabers and Invoked Neos with ease. However, with everybody paying attention to Witchcrafters during the KCC it could suffer from an uptick in unfavorable matchups like Blackwings. In addtion, other strategies will tech even more cards to stop Witchcrafter Madame Verre. That being said, if you are experienced with the deck, more often than not, you will be able to grind your way to a high placement in the KCC due to this deck’s insane control ability

Tier 2

TPC Comments


As always, especially in the first days, the KCC is all about the fast OTK decks, everyone trying to climb as fast as possible to the higher DP, where the meta is more easy to predict. Thats where Elementabers can shine, shutting down the Blackwings and Karakuris while also being able to handle the other control decks too. We expect this KCC being an another Invoked fiesta (for the 5th time in a row), where they can farm the fast OTK decks, and out grind any other control deck besides Witchcrafters.


Karakuri performed really good this week so the promotion was needed. Even though going second looks hard for the deck ‘cause it’s fragile to disruption, they have access to Hey, Trunade! and also Cosmic Cyclone so going second is nowhere near an auto-loss. Also, having a searchable effect negation which also stops an attack make this deck really strong going first. Overall, Karakuri is a good option for this KCC cause it can go both first and second with the only really hard matchup being Elementsabers.


The central strength of Karakuri is their advantage gained off of their main combo, specifically the ability for Karakuri Steel Shogun mdl 00X “Bureido” to draw cards on both turns rendering their draw phase unnecessary. The central weakness of karakuri is that they are incredibly weak playing into any disruption, having almost no good matchups going second. In KC Cup, however, strengths outshine weaknesses and Karakuri is likely to perform as such.

Tier 3

TPC Comments


In past KCCs, Dark Magician was a good deck to try and get some fast games and climb with the usual combo, but now that their consistency has been lowered the games will still be fast but the climb won’t be the same. As we saw in this MCS, 0 Dark Magician were in the Top Cut in a KCC format so I don’t think the deck will be a good option especially with the addition of WC and Karakuri which both are unfavorable matchups, and I expect the deck to be off the Tier List if they keep performing like that.


First, its important to note, that this is a KC Cup Tier List, so the reason behind the demotion is the Bo1 singles with no side, and the style of KC Cups, where the quantity of games can worth more than the quality of games. Overall Shiranui is a deck with a small core, and a huge amount of tech cards, so its a deck that heavily relies on staples to beat other strategies. You rely on Aritfact Lancea and Forbidden Lance against Invoked decks, but those cards will be more likely useless against decks like Witchcrafters or Blackwings. Its really hard to build a main deck that can cover every matchup, you more likely to pray to draw the proper techs for the actual matchup, and not the bad ones. That’s where side deck really helped Shiranui, after siding, you could have 8-10 proper tech cards for any matchup. It’s still possible to do well, and make Top 100 with Shiranui in the KC Cup, its still one of the most consistent deck we had in Duel Links so far, but its not expected to be among the most popular decks.

Off the Tier List

TPC Comments


While competent in it’s own right, Valkyries join Gouki as “just another control deck” in a sea of control decks. While by no means weak, they don’t seem to do anything unfair enough to stand out from the crowd, as exemplified by their non-existent representation. It just seems while Elemenstabers, Invoked Neos, Shiranui, and Witchcrafters exist as control options, as they have for months, Valkyries will continue to fall by the wayside.


Valkyries’ gameplay is better in a Side Deck format with the possibility to swap techs to have a better chance in other matchups, therefore it shouldn’t do well in the KCC

wayne kenoff

Valkyries have a lot of swarming potential but the lack of firepower is proving to be a problem for the deck. The archetype relies almost soley on backrow to remove monsters bigger than mid 2000s.

Triamids move down while boasting strong matchups vs some they simply do not have enough strong matchups to crack the list. Triamid Sphinx has given them an option to have great protection and big firepower and not having to rely on multiple Triamid Dancer effects before being able to push, making it a great addition to the deck.

Both decks are strong enough to make splashes in the competitive scene (the same can be said for numerous other decks that are not on the Tier List) which led to the decision to keep both of them off, as they’re both competitive decks without the “unfair” power that alot of the Tiered decks have access to.


Even after the recent support, Triamids couldn’t reach a high enough power level to slide into the current meta. The deck is too easy to disrupt, your only way to play trough any type of disruption on Turn 2 is opening double field spell (one of them being Triamid Kingolem) and double monster, preferably one of them being Triamid Master. Overall, we have other more well-rounded control decks, so Triamid stays a solid rogue deck, that gona make the opponents pray when they swing into Triamid Kingolem. With or without side deck, Triamids are removed from the Tier List.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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