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Tier List Update - September 13

Top Player Council Thoughts

With the recent KC Cup completed, the TPC have evaluated the meta and where it stands today. The KC Cup showed the power of the top tier decks. Vampires and Amazoness were used by the top two players and the top decks of the KC Cup can be found here.

Tier 1

Vampires and Amazoness continue to display their dominance over the rest of the meta decks, especially after this past KC Cup performance. First place global and Top Player Council member Eugen Heidt used Vampires for the majority of his climb as did many of the other top 100 players, and second place global used exclusively Amazoness through his climb. There was minimal disagreementin regards to the strength of Vampires, but there were a number of TPC members who questioned the power of Amazoness. In future tier lists, it is possible that Vampires will be put as a solo tier 1 deck.

TPC Comments:

Jason: Most consistent and powerful decks. Vampires are a consistent toolbox with the highest attack monsters and ability to use Enemy Controller.

negao do zap: Amazoness has the best stall in the game. Vampires have the strongest combo in the game such as special summon + Hey, Trunade! + Enemy Controller.

Tier 2

Fur Hires continue to show that they are more than capable even after their nerfs. The big booty of Wiz, Sage Fur Hire is difficult for most decks to overcome and as a result many Fur Hire players have began using deck out as a win condition. What keeps Fur Hires out of tier 1 is their tendency to clog their own board; if you have a field filled with furries, you cannot effectively fight your foe if you forego destroying or tributing off your own monsters. At lower levels most opponents will always clear your board for you, but better players will sometimes opt to not attack unless they can guarantee a better position from it.

Spellbooks are most notable for their ability to have a great turn 1. Silent Magician coupled with a Spellbook of Fate is difficult for most decks to handle. Even when SM is eliminated, Silent Magician LV8 is another major obstacle to most decks struggle to overcome.

TPC Comment:

Jason: SM + fate cycle still really strong but less consistently opened and has a few answers in the meta. Beat, Bladesman Fur Hire and Wiz are still great in the meta and the deck still has OTK potential. The lack of Enemy Controller makes this deck weaker but some builds have been using a combination of 0-2 Econ/Donpa, Marksman Fur Hire and could be seen as optimal.

Tier 3

While close, the final vote for Masked Heroes was to demote the deck to tier 3. There is not much consensus on the strength of Heroes at the moment. Some TPC members believe the deck is tier 3 while others believe the deck is tier 2. However, a minority of TPC believes the deck is tier 1. Ultimately, a majority of TPC believes that the brick hands and weak turn 1 is not strong enough to offset the explosive turn 2 and overall OTK potential.
U.A. was almost unanimously moved to tier 3 as TPC agrees that the deck simply bricks too often to remain in tier 2.

Stevie: These decks have favorable matchups against some of the top decks, but are not as consistent or as favorable across the board.

High Potential

Presently, no deck fits into the confines of High Potential.

Next week we have the Meta Weekly on 9/19 at 7pm EST and other community events throughout the week.
Expect the results of these events to have a strong influence on the tier list.

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Tier List update written by Negative1.

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