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Tier List Update - October 3

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Top Player Council Thoughts

Despite a new Top Player Council we have an almost entirely unchanged Tier List this week.

Tier 1

Amazoness and Vampires have remained solidly in Tier 1.

TPC Comments:

monkeyboy44: Another week goes by and without any major updates Amazoness and Vampires remain as being the two most dominant decks, primarily because of their consistency relative to the other decks. Both decks have many answers to all sorts of problems and have little trouble getting their engine going.

Sasuke: Amazoness continues to dominate the meta and have easily adapted to the overwhelming power of Vampires. Endless Trap Hell still proves to be a great skill for the deck, allowing it to run a variety of traps, but what’s most important is the deck being able to run Sealed Tombs to greatly improve the Vampire match up. Vampires still prove to be as strong and consistent as ever so I don’t think this deck will fall off any time soon. The explosiveness and at the same time being able to control the board with Vampire Grace + Vampire Kingdom gives it excellent match-ups across the meta. The deck’s versatility will allow it to adapt to the meta and stay relevant.

Luke Tyler: Vampires and Amazoness continue to uphold their dominant tournament performance and reputation. Top-performing Vampire decks utilise Sealed Tombs or Cyber Style whilst Amazoness capitalise on Endless Trap Hell or choose to abuse Sealed Tombs themselves.

Tier 2

Fur Hires and Masked Heroes have remained in Tier 2.

TPC Comments:

monkeyboy44: Two powerhouse decks that at this point struggle mostly on the basis of their consistency relative to the Tier 1 decks. Masked Heroes are too make-or-break based on their opening hands to have enough consistency for Tier 1. Fur Hires are a bit more consistent but if they don’t open perfectly then the game can quickly become a long-term grind rather than a quick OTK.

Sasuke: Fur Hires have seen an increase in success lately. The deck performs quite well versus Vampires when running Cosmic Cyclone on top of having the 1/1 Enemy Controller/Donpa, Marksman Fur Hire ratio and good ol’ Wiz, Sage Fur Hire negates, and has always had a pretty good Amazoness match up. If the deck continues on this path it may be considered for Tier 1 again, but for now it’s still a strong Tier 2. Heroes are struggling a bit for consistency, as well as having a hard time dealing with Onslaught, though the deck is for sure still strong as ever and has a great Vampire match-up. That alone keeps it relevant, but if Fur Hires continue to gain popularity and success it could be a bit of bad news for Heroes, as that match up was never in their favor.

Luke Tyler: Even after the most recent banlist implications, Fur Hires have adapted to the new meta. Aside from playstyle, there are some different ways in which people now play Fur Hire - with many alternating their Donpa ratios to use Enemy Controller. Using Sea Stealth Attack with Mythic Depths is also still an option, though that strategy has slightly fallen out of popularity now.

zaidking: Fur Hires are still very dominant and I feel like they are very underlooked with even matchups vs every deck; the deck is too good to ignore. 1 ECon + 1 Donpa does seem like the best ratio to be running… reason being that ECon on its own is just very strong and the few times you’ll be seeing it will most likely win you games; Donpa is searchable with Beat, Bladesman Fur Hire and can be brought out with Mayhem Fur Hire when in grave which is why that ratio is very viable/the correct way to play it. As for Heroes, people have been criticizing this deck far too much with its very memorable bricks which we all can never forget, ignoring the fact that it can put up a very even fight against all decks. Sometimes a Mask Change can be very painful for Vampires and can get them very low on LP making their Vampire Retainer and Vampire Familiar pretty useless. As for the Amazoness match-up, it really relies on opening backrow hate with decent pressure to maintain board control.

Tier 3

Spellbooks and U.A. have remained in Tier 3.

TPC Comments:

monkeyboy44: Honestly I’m hesitant to put either of these decks on the tier list at this point. They’re both somewhat Tier 3 in terms of their abilities (which is why I think they should stay here for now) but we’re rarely even seeing any rogue-level play from them anymore and they’ve both mostly dropped off entirely from tournament performances.

Flips: U.A. is of course very bricky and reliant on a U.A. Midfielder or Cyber Style trigger to get going. People can easily play around this skill and set up an OTK. Spellbooks are good when they go first and have a Silent Magician but in this meta they are just extremely reliant on Silent Magician. Usually they lose by not having her against Amazoness or Vampires which are the two most played decks right now.

zaidking: Books are crazy reliant on their opening hand. The way I see it is basically Silent Magician or bust and nothing else, or hope the oppnent bricks to stay alive.

High Potential

Taking the place of the fallen Fire King Yubel deck, Genex Undine with Sea Stealth Attack has been moved into High Potential. With the number of cards we now have supporting various WATER decks (Undine, Swap Frog, Mermails, Atlanteans, etc.) the Top Player Council felt as though there was significant potential in decks that can turbo into SSA while also abusing the synergy between Undine and Atlantean Marksman/Atlantean Heavy Infantry to more actively disrupt the opponent’s field.

TPC Comment:

tomvdelzen: SSA decks did get a huge boost with Undine. We have to see with what kind of builds people come up with but I believe it has high potential.

This week we have the Meta Weekly on 10/3 at 7pm EST and other community events throughout the week. Expect the results of these events to have a strong influence on the tier list.

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Tier List update written by superforms.

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