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This Tier List was made explicitly with the 2nd Stage of the KaibaCorp Cup in mind. As such, it reflects TPC’s opinion on which decks will be the strongest in the Best-of-1 Ladder format.


While the past tournaments have been heavily populated with control decks, I believe the KC Cup will be more populated with aggro and combo decks. As it stands, the meta has not changed significantly since the KCGT, with the only alterations to the game being the removal of Elementsabers and the addition of Karakuri. I think it is very possible that the aggro deck meta of KCGT may once again be popular as we no longer have a control deck resistant to Hey, Trunade! or heavy backrow removal. This may not seem like a major change, but without reliable defensive strategies, KC Cups devolve into OTK competitions. Aggressive strategies also do not have to worry about lower consistency since the nature of KC Cup permits decks to brick more than tournaments permit them to.


The KC Cup is predicted to be one with a lot of aggressive decks. It isn’t recommended to play such a deck because they’re can’t win reliably without drawbacks (big winning streaks followed by big loss streaks). Control decks that can tech some protection against OTK-threatening decks appears to be the safest route to secure a consistent climb. This is why the control decks on the list are generally higher tiered for a KCC format than the rogue-level streaky decks.

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This weekend marks the beginning of the second stage of the KC Cup. As always, we expect many surprises despite an already-established metagame. We are expecting to see dominant decks like Crystrons and Karakuri at the top, although surprises may come with the arrival of latest Main BOX, perhaphs that the new Water deck might perform well. We may also see what could be the last KCC of Shiranui and Invoked dominance before a big banlist, as both have been relevant for over a year, and it is my humble opinion that it’s time to remove both from the metagame. Finally, I believe we will see Weather Painters this KCC, as this deck has become quite popular in recent weeks for being a hard counter to both Invoked and Shiranui. I have no doubts that this KCC will leave a lot to talk about.

Tier 1

Tier 2


Despite being a fairly slow deck, Invoked Magician Girls should still do relatively well in this upcoming KCC. They have 2 negative matchups in Weather Painters and Sea Stealth Attack Crystrons so if those decks are not doing well expect Magician Girls to start popping up more.

Tier 3

TPC Comments


Blackwings won’t be as popular or effective this upcoming KCC due to its downhill match-ups against the common Tier 1 and Tier 2 decks, aside from Combo Shiranui. However, since Blackwings are consistent, being able to accumulate points at a fast rate is key in a KCC environment. Considering it is also a strong deck going second, it is still a deck to watch out for. This deck will definitely see play on the 1st day of the KCC, but will decline after that once the rankings and meta settle.

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Decks that can accumulate wins speedily at a somewhat decent winrate hold more value in a KC Cup Stage 2 environment than they do in a tournament setting. Cyber Dragon is able to go toe-to-toe with the meta when dealt good enough starting hands, and it’s games are normally quite fast - allowing for the Stage 2 player to get in many duels. There will likely be parts of the KC Cup Stage 2 where there will be a decent number of Cyber Dragon, though in the higher DP areas it might be quite unpopular. In regards to deck building trends, the deck is most commonly used with Fusion Gate to combo with Cybernetic Fusion Support and Cyber Style.


For this KC Cup, Cyber Dragons are getting promoted due to being a very aggressive and fast deck. Being able to play hundreds of games in a short time frame with a slightly above 50% Win Rate. Multiple Cyber Dragon decks are expected to end up in the Top 100 Global with a chance for Top 10. The difference between this deck and other sacky decks like HEROs or Dragunity is the stronger Turn 1. Cybernetic Overflow is a huge disruption tool as non-targeting removal, and with Fusion Gate, you can OTK through everything if you are able to get rid of your opponent’s back row with Cosmic Cyclone and Storm, the latter of which also has a nice interaction with Overflow.

Weather Painters might be a big surprise deck for this KCC. If you are able to survive the first few turns and avoid a Cosmic Cyclone on your key Traps like The Weather Thundery Canvas, you have a huge advantage in the grind game with non-targeting monster removal. Decks like Shiranui or Invoked Magician Girls struggle immensely with this and even a full combo Karakuri board won’t win every time. They have a few weak spots, especially to decks who have a lot of backrow removal (like Cyber Dragon) backrow negates (like Dark Magician) or easy Black Rose Dragon access (like Crystrons).


Historically, Weather Painters had really struggled against specific counter cards, as Chaos Hunter, Cosmic Cyclone, Forbidden Lance and Artifact Lancea have the potential to really cripple the deck. However, as tournaments have shifted to a no-side format, Weather Painters had their chance to shine in this KC Cup-esque format, even wining Meta Weekly 148. However, with KC Cups favoring Aggro decks, it will be interesting to see if people choose to play such a heavy control deck. Still, the deck earned its Tier 3 spot and it will be interesting to see how people will adapt their strategies in order to accomodate for Weather Painters.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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