Tier List Update - November 6

Top Player Council Thoughts

The November KC Cup and MCS XIII are on the horizon for later this month (November 22nd and 17th, respectively) and the meta has shaped itself largely around Heroes moving back to Tier 1. As a consequence of that, we have a new High Potential deck — Banish Control — that acts as the spiritual successor to Amazoness and serves as a counter to Heroes.

Tier 1

Masked Heroes are now the sole Tier 1 deck. Their consistency, aggression, and protection all rolled into a single deck have made Heroes the deck to beat in the current meta. Occasionally struggling with heavy backrow, many Hero players have begun to use Galaxy Cyclone in addition to Xing Zhen Hu to help push through more defensive decks.

TPC Comments:


Despite Vampires having a similar number of tournament tops, Heroes exist as the standalone best deck right now. Any other deck you could pair with Heroes in a two-deck format feels like the weaker of the two.

wayne kenoff:

Heroes are consistently powerful, with the ability to use Balance and never brick. They also have great durability without sacrificing OTK potential.

Tier 2

Blue-Eyes and Spellbooks have remained in Tier 2, continuing to perform well overall. These decks are even starting to see play when combined, using the Spellbook core to build very strong boards of Blue-Eyes + Cosmo Brain + Spellbook of Fate.

Vampires have been demoted to Tier 2, following continued poor performances against Heroes. Destiny HERO - Drilldark’s piercing effect and Destiny HERO - Celestial’s ability to pop Vampire Kingdom can neuter Vampire Takeover plays and disrupt the deck immediately before dishing out huge damage with Masked HERO Anki.

TPC Comments:


Vampires fall to Tier 2 due to their poor matchup against Heroes and their fragile turn 1 board. Though they’re a deck that’s consistent in being able to make a turn 1 play, having to sit through their opponent’s turn with little-to-no backrow makes them a full boardwipe or a reverse OTK waiting to happen.

wayne kenoff:

Vampires’ consistency has gone down without Cyber Style and having to choose between Hey, Trunade! and Enemy Controller is tough in a non-side deck format. Spellbooks continue to have consistency issues sometimes but Silent Magician and Spellbook of Fate is the most oppressive combo in the game.

Tier 3

Gladiator Beasts have remained in Tier 3, settling on Sealed Tombs as a universal skill choice. With Tombs, Gladiators have an excellent match-up against Spellbooks (barring a Silent Magician at 2000+ ATK) and their backrow gives them a strong chance against Heroes. Vampires with Trunade can give Gladiators issues, as can Blue-Eyes decks that continually spam gigantic offensive threats.

TPC Comments:


This deck hangs on with its place in the meta. Backed by Sealed Tombs it is a solid pick to counter some of the current top decks.

High Potential

Banish Control

Introduced largely as a counter to Masked Heroes, the "banish control" deck is focused on 1-for-1 removal cards like D.D. Assailant, Wind-Up Juggler, and Widespread Ruin, as well as 1-for-many removal cards like Drowning Mirror Force and Amazoness Onslaught. The deck plays very similarly to pre-banlist Amazoness decks, with the new monsters replacing the banned Amazoness cards. Extremely importantly, Assailant and Juggler have 1700 ATK and can threaten to swing over every non-Anki Hero monster, while still removing the monster in the case of Wall of Disruption or Mirror Wall.

TPC Comments:


Although the deck has little representation, it exists as a very hard counter to a majority of the higher tiered decks. Similar to Gladiator Beasts, the deck can struggle vs something like Hey, Trunade! or heavy backrow removal. However, almost no decks in the current meta are running heavy removal. The banish deck’s ability to use cards such as D.D. Assailant or an Amazoness core allow it to go aggressive in various ways as well, using D.D. Assailant’s 1700/1600 stats to swing over Heroes or survive an attack from a level 4 Hero, and using Amazoness Onslaught to start banishing anything in your way.

This week we have the Meta Weekly on 11/6 at 2:30pm EST and other community events throughout the week. Expect the results of these events to have a strong influence on the Tier List.

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Tier List update written by superforms.

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