Tier List Update - May 13th

Tier 1

TPC Comments:


Not much has changed at the top of the tier list. Blue-Eyes has had very strong performances this week in the SEM cup and the PCT. Blue-Eyes is getting closer to optimization as top performing builds drop Silver’s Cry in favor of more impactful tech cards & consistency. Not many decks can stand up to a constant stream of 3000+ ATK monsters, built-in backrow removal and Snipe Hunter.

Neos remains in Tier 1 due to its ability to go toe-to-toe with most decks on the Tier List. Neos is a very versatile deck which can be built in many ways. The best performing build this week is a control variant which has chosen to not use the Steelswarm Girastag package and instead using more tech cards like Wall of Disruption and Jinzo.


Blue-Eyes continues to show very good results in a variety of tournaments. Most decks are still not able to deal with the consistent spam of 3000 ATK monsters, making Blue-Eyes the best deck at the moment.


Blue-Eyes has some explosive plays with multiple big beaters on board with high OTK potential. Many decks struggle to deal with the swarming ability of big beaters combined with Sealed Tombs, a great anti-meta skill against Neos, Vampires, and the mirror match.

Neos is still the best splashable engine in the game with a lot of room to adapt to the meta. Neos can struggle against Blue-Eyes and thats the reason why more and more people play cards like Wall of Disruption to deal with their swarming power.

Tier 2


Ancient Gears are performing very well at the moment. The deck does not care about Sphere Kuriboh, Bacon Saver battle traps or flip effect monsters which can make up half of a Neos player’s deck. Blue-eyes (and its own bricks) keep the deck in check, but with Blue-eyes opting to drop Silver’s Cry, is this really the case?


Ancient Gears have been showing better results the past week. They benefit off of the popularity of flip effect monsters like Gale Lizard. Just like Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon is also tough to overcome for a lot of decks. With the right techs they can handle the Blue-Eyes match-up well enough.


Ancient Gears have proven to be able to compete with most of the meta decks because of the relevance of battle traps like Wall of Disruption and hand traps like Sphere Kuriboh. However, they suffer from an unfavorable matchup vs Blue-Eyes, since dealing with monsters bigger than Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon has always been one of their biggest weaknesses.

Tier 3

TPC Comments:


Cyberdark has performed well over the past week having topped every tournament it was played in despite poor representation and as a result should be placed on the Tier List. However, the meta is shaping up to be unfavorable for the deck due to its poor Ancient Gears matchup and issues with Cosmic Cyclone.

Koa’ki Meiru loses KaibaCorp Bling hurting the deck’s consistency. The best performing Koa’ki Meiru decks traditionally used KaibaCorp Bling but the deck still performs really well with Destiny Draw and Sealed Tombs.Tournament results this week have proven that the deck can function without KCB but its overall performance remains weak compared to other top decks.

Six Samurai received some innovation from kwrowe in the SEM cup who reached the Top 8. The deck used Hand of the Six Samurai, Powerful Rebirth and Sealed Tombs. This is proof of the decks ability to adapt to the metagame but it still struggles against Blue-Eyes even if the Neos matchup has been fixed.


I don’t think Koa’ki Meiru is on par with Neos and Blue-Eyes because the meta is so diverse; Koa’ki was strong when there was only one deck to counter.


On top of topping the recent MCS, Cyberdarks continue to show more results in various community tournaments. The synergy between Neos Fusion and the Cyberdark engine makes them a good deck.

Koa’ki Meiru just has a really tough time at the moment. You need KaibaCorp Bling for consistency (An option that will no longer be reliable with the recent nerf), but then you also want Sealed Tombs to stop Bacon Saver and Neos Fusion. On top of that, Sphere Kuriboh, which is very popular right, now can easily stop their OTKs.

Vampires have proven themselves. Their favourable Neos match-up makes them Tier 3. However, Sealed Tombs Blue-Eyes is very tough for them. Vampires have adapted the right techs to make this match-up better, but it can still be very difficult at times, as Sealed Tombs can just shut you off completely.


Six Samurai are still being evaluated by players but they have shown an improvement in tournaments results and consistency of their builds. Most meta decks don’t main or side as much specific hate for Samurais and this definitely will help the deck find a more consolidated position in the meta.

High Potential

TPC Comments:


Buster Blader is unfortunately High Potential due to the dominance of Blue-Eyes and the introduction of Red-Eyes giving the deck multiple good match-ups. The deck does remain bricky and can lose resource wars without Last Gamble but it can still make very oppressive boards.

Red-Eyes is in High Potential due to its incredible consistency and ability to very easily summon Red-Eyes Slash Dragon which is a very good card in the current meta. It is a very strong deck for sure but has little space for tech cards. That said, it thins quickly enough to see its tech cards very quickly.


Buster Blader is looking better and better. Blue-Eyes being the best deck right now pushes them and on top of that they benefit from the new card Red-Eyes Fusion.

Spellbooks benefit from the new skill, Light and Dark. It gives them a much needed consistency boost since they can now draw Silent Magician a lot more often.


Spellbooks might see a comeback in the meta thanks to the Light and Dark skill introduced with Lumis and Umbra. It’s a consistency skill that allows to draw Silent Magician more consistently because it lets to swap any Level 4 Dark Spellcaster (usually Breaker the Magical Warrior or Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer) with Silent Magician.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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