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Tier List Update - May 7th, 2018

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Top Player Council Thoughts

Two strong new decks in Amazoness and Spellbooks are now available and are having a significant influence on the meta. These decks bring two very powerful backrow cards — Spellbook of Fate and Amazoness Onslaught — into a meta previously dominated by monster effects.

Tier 1

Amazoness has been placed in Tier 1. Because the previous meta was so fast and OTK-oriented, it will take time for the meta to adjust around a new top-tier control deck. But right now, Amazoness is extremely consistent, swarms with ease, and can be very difficult to deal with.

TPC comments on Amazoness

Amazoness Princess and Amazoness Queen greatly improved the new Amazoness deck in terms of consistency. Also, if you can’t deal with Queen, you will likely lose as they can just keep attacking and removing your monsters with Amazoness Swords Woman. Hurts several top decks in the meta, including HEROs, Spellbooks, and Aliens.

Masked HEROs and Sylvans have both remained in Tier 1, although the new decks bring new challenges. HEROs can struggle to deal with the heavy backrow of Amazoness and can’t Mask Change away from Spellbook of Fate, while Sylvans are easily disrupted early by Fate and similarly do not appreciate their monsters getting banished by Onslaught. Sylvans in particular are very hurt by the new meta, and are the closest to Tier 2. However HEROs have room to adapt their tech cards, and Sylvans can still run over any deck that can’t deal with a turn 1 set monster.

TPC comments on Masked Heroes

Still a top-tier deck; no reason why it shouldn’t stay in Tier 1. Even with the introduction of Amazoness, this deck is flexible enough to build around those counters.

TPC comments on Sylvans

Sylvans can still beat every single deck, but they do have a very bad match-up against Spellbooks. HEROs and Amazoness are also not easy to deal with, so I believe this deck is on the decline.

Tier 2

Geargias have remained solidly in Tier 2 with a good match-up against Amazoness. The meta slowing down a bit helps Geargias strengthen their field presence and gives them time to flip-flop their way to victory. However they still struggle against Sylvans and going second against Spellbooks is a near impossible match-up to win.

TPC comments on Geargias:

Although they do not have many top performances, Geargias still stand strong against the top-tier decks and have a great match-up against Amazoness.”

Spellbooks have been added to Tier 2, although this deck is still being figured out. Is 30 cards better than 20? How good are Fool and Strength of Prophecy? Is this deck able to draw into its side-decked cards reliably? Spellbooks have performed well in various events so far and are one of the best counters to Sylvans, but questions remain about the effectiveness of the deck when sided against.

TPC comments on Spellbooks:

Spellbooks have yet to find a consensus on an optimal build but both 20- and 30-card versions have shown promise and the 30-card version had success in DLO7. Personally I believe 30-card Spellbooks are better since pulling off a good That Grass Looks Greener play can answer almost any counter-deck or side-deck card. This is extremely important for a deck which is otherwise quite susceptible to side-decking.

Tier 3

Archfiends have been demoted to Tier 3. Despite being the best deck to abuse Chaos Hunter in a banish-happy meta, Archfiends remain inconsistent and are indirectly hurt by the presence of Amazoness leading to an increased amount of backrow removal.

TPC comments on Archfiends

Though a deck that should do well against most of the top tier decks, I believe that this deck falls off due to its inconsistency along with other decks more commonly using cards that hurt Archfiends such as Cosmic Cyclone.

Aliens have remained in Tier 3 and benefit from a good match-up against Amazoness. Because their core is so tight, Aliens can easily adjust to new metas and have the tools to deal with fast OTK decks and slower control decks. Bad match-ups against anything with significant spot removal (Sylvans, Geargia, and Archfiends especially) hold this deck back.

TPC comments on Aliens

Benefits from being off the radar. Has a solid Amazoness match-up and can hold its own against all other decks, with the exception of Sylvans when they draw/mill well.


Cyber Angels have been removed from the tier list due to terrible match-ups against Amazoness and Spellbooks. Their grave protection, which was so helpful for so long, is useless against Onslaught and Spellbook of Fate.

TPC comments on Cyber Angels

Unfortunately, the Angels have fallen again with the new release of Amazoness and Spellbooks. It is difficult for Cyber Angels to compete with those decks along with the current top-tier decks, making them fall off the tier list.

High Potential

Ojama Stall has been added to High Potential due to the meta slowing down. Stall decks are very effective against decks that rely on battle for monster removal, but may struggle against Spellbooks and Sylvans depending on the build and play-style. If Amazoness and HEROs are the most played decks going forward, Ojama Stall will be a strong counter to both.

TPC comments on Ojama Stall

Ojama Stall has a favorable matchup against both Amazoness and Heroes,” and “but please don’t play this.”

This week we have the Meta Weekly on 5/8, the DLP Weekly on 5/10, and MCS VIII on 5/12.
Expect the results of these tournaments — the MCS especially — to have a strong influence on the tier list.

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