Tier List Update - May 6th

Tier 1

TPC Comments:


Blue-Eyes are back! This deck is now much more explosive than it was before due to The White Stone of Ancients. Top builds utilize Sealed Tombs in conjunction with Snipe Hunter to break through a Neos + Bacon saver board and OTK. The deck has some consistency issues between bricking and Snipe Hunter’s RNG. Make sure to side deck your Ally of Justice Cycle Reader!

Neos Fusion has had a profound impact on the Meta and was used in approximately 50% of all decks that entered MCS 18 and every single non-Blue-Eyes deck in the Top 16 used the Neos engine.

Control Neos decks are dominant in the format and take various forms. Most top builds now make use of Gale Lizard for quick and easy OTKs through A/D Changer and disrupt boards through Lava Golem. Some other builds use Elemental HERO Blazeman and the various E-Hero fusions it supports. The best performing build of the MCS was a KaibaCorp Bling control build but many players who were using a small Steelswarm engine topped abusing a single copy of Steelswarm Scout to provide easy access to Steelswarm Girastag which is an incredible card in the current metagame. It remains to be seen which Neos build will be recognized as the go-to build, and that makes the meta feel fresh for now.


The existence of the Neos engine permits a large number of decks to be viable while also removing Six Samurai as a floodgate. As long as there is space, most decks are capable of running Neos Fusion and Lava Golem which allows most decks that were previously unviable to have a chance against the meta.

The dominating presence of Six Samurais in the meta lead to the overall decrease in backrow usage. As a results, a deck such as Blue-Eyes has the opportunity to shine with swift access to a 3k beatstick that isn’t hindered by missing the timing. A strength of Neos was to swing over a Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En, meanwhile a strength of Blue-Eyes is to swing over Elemental HERO Brave Neos.


Blue-Eyes received fresh support in the latest mini box in The White Stone of Ancients, an all-around powerful card that gives Blue-Eyes additional special summons, which leads to flooding the field with big monsters and backrow removal. Blue-Eyes is currently favored due to the lack of backrow in the current meta and from having higher ATK monsters than Elemental HERO Brave Neos, which is everywhere in the meta. The aforementioned facts are the reason Blue-Eyes is really strong and therefore is granted a Tier 1 spot.

The Neos Fusion engine is currently being played in extreme amounts in many different deck types, making them viable in the current state of the game. The decks types that thrive the most are the Control / Steelswarm variants. Neos decks took out Six Samurais so fast, because of their ability to control the board with Lava Golem and flip effect monsters while easily attacking over Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En with Elemental HERO Brave Neos. As a result, we’ve entered a slightly slower meta, although OTK combos still exist with the use of Gale Lizard, Neos Fusion and A/D Changer. Neos decks deserve the Tier 1 spot by far, with the potential of reviving more archetypes by the use of the Neos Fusionengine as the meta evolves.


Blue-Eyes performed exceptionally well this MCS, outright winning the event! They have an extremely strong Neos match-up as the deck can’t beat the spam of 3000 ATK monsters. Most of the meta struggles with that which is why I think Blue-Eyes is one of the best decks at the moment. We’ll see what cards people find to side vs them.

As expected Neos took the most Top Cut spots at the recent MCS. While they didn’t win they still did extremely well and continue to be one of the biggest threats in this meta. It will be interesting to see what different builds turn out to be more dominant as we have seen KaibaCorp Bling and even versions of the deck playing Steelswarm Scout and Steelswarm Girastag.


Blue-Eyes has taken advantage of a meta with minimal backrow and decks that find it hard to deal with 3000 ATK beaters and has once again risen to the top of the meta. However, this might be short lived because decks like Vampires and Buster Blader are waiting for their time to shine.

Tier 2


Koa’ki Meiru Maximus and Koa’ki Meiru Ice both require you to expend resources to break through the defences of Neos control decks. The main reason for the demotion to Tier 2 is that the Steelswarm Girastag engine serves a very similar purpose to the Koa’ki Meiru engine but uses much less cards in the deck and resources to do so while having access to Enemy Controller and Treacherous Trap Hole. It remains at Tier 2 due to Koa’ki Meiru Ice’s ability to break a Blue-Eyes board alone.

wayne kenoff

Koa’ki Meiru have fallen back on relying on the Neos Fusion engine to survive early pushes to allow them to gather enough resources for a push mainly through the destruction effects of Koa’ki Meiru Maximus and Koa’ki Meiru Ice.

Tier 3

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Nothing much has changed for Ancient Gears and Amazoness. They remain fringe decks which receive good enough representation. They excel when decks are unprepared for them. Always expect these decks in a tournament and do not be surprised when they top or win events. AG in particular can really take advantage of the widespread usage of flip effect monsters and Sphere Kuriboh.

Six Samurai has failed so far to adapt to the Neos heavy meta and many top players are unfortunately ditching the deck. I personally don’t think the semi-limit of Shien’s Dojo was warranted if Konami had designed the meta to evolve this way. Six Samurai received little representation and did not have one deck in the Top 32 of MCS 18. However, Samurai are more than capable of adapting to the meta. If you love this deck then I recommend a backrow heavy build with three Wall of Disruption, some Forbidden Chalice and/or Dimensional Prison. Shi En plus multiple battle traps is very strong.


Six Samurais have a heavily unfavorable matchup against Neos because they have Lava Golem, Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 “Sazank” , and easy access to a 2600 ATK monster that can swing over Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En.


Six Samurai have fallen to Tier 3, because of the latest performance in tournaments. This is due to Neos decks being everywhere in the game and the hit that Six samurais received to their consistency in the latest banlist, restricting access to Treacherous Trap Hole and Enemy Controller, which could’ve helped them a lot in the Neos match up. Six Samurais have to adapt to new meta by probably playing more backrow defensive cards, thus switching to a more control-ish deck type rather than the old OTK-based, swarming deck. Also, a great factor for the Six Samurai fall is the fact that the meta was centered around them, and now that the spotlight is off of them, they will probably be stronger than their current state.


Six Samuarais just get countered by everything. This just confirms that they need a new build to survive. We will see if people can find this or of Sams will fall of completely.


Six Samurais have had a big target on their back ever since their release, but for the first time after their introduction, they’re not the best deck in the format. The build will have to go through some necessary changes to stay relevant and it will likely have to lean on more backrow and monster effect negation to deal with Blue-Eyes and Neos variants. Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En, Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi and Secret Six Samurai - Fuma are all still powerful cards, but as long as cards like Lava Golem, Gale Lizard, and Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 “Sazank” are relevant, they won’t likely thrive anytime soon. It’s time for Samurais to pick up their swords and fight back.

High Potential

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A newcomer to the Tier List is Cyberdark thanks to the Neos Fusion Engine. The deck reached the Top 8 of MCS 18 and also topped the most recent Meta Weekly. Neos Fusion sets up Leng Ling in the graveyard which can be equipped to Cyberdark Edge threatening heavy damage to the opponent whilst attacking over all the set monsters in the meta. However, the deck does not rely on an early Neos Fusion; Cyberdark Cannon makes the deck ultra consistent and offers disruption through Tackle Crusader. The deck does particularly well in this slow meta and doesn’t care about Gale Lizard. Cosmic Cyclone is an issue for the deck but that -1000 LP plays into the decks win condition and ensures your traps are less likely to be hit. The deck has a good match up against most tiered decks but has issues against Ancient Gears and Blue-Eyes.

What always keeps coming back from the dead? Zombies. Vampires are back to take advantage of all the big monsters in the meta and suck them up with Vampire Vamp. The deck has new toys to play with including Parry Knights and Neos Fusion to set up Vampire Familiar and Vampire Retainer. Vampire Grace can destroy all the face down monsters in the meta. Meanwhile Vampire Kingdom triggers upon the activation of Neos Fusion to remove the graveyard protection or destroy other cards while setting up the graveyard. Interesting to note that only two Vampires entered MCS 18 but both topped it.


TPC Comments:


Darklords have proven themselves to be an inconsistent mess of a deck that is fun to play but should be reserved for the ladder only.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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