Tier List Update - July 8th

This is the first Tier List from the new Top Player Council, the best performing players in the last three months. Check ’em out here.

Luke Tyler

The meta is in a very diverse position right now. Many different decks in Tiers 1-2 have the ability to dominate a tournament, and not one of them feels objectively stronger than the rest (at least in terms of performance). This has lead to a situation where there is no clear best deck of the format.

Tier 1

TPC Comments


The format is balanced. Almost every deck has the same “power” level. Subterrors stand out in Tier 1 because they have the strongest Turn 1.

Luke Tyler

Six Samurai thrives from having many strong matchups across the other meta contenders, making it very useful for tournament play. It has seen much tournament success in the recent weeks, and further results from the deck are anticipated.


Subterror continue to be a dominant deck in the meta thanks to the extremely oppressive combination of Subterror Final Battle and Subterror Nemesis Warrior.


Six Samurai has taken the spotlight completely recently and it has proved to us why. The decks ability to be flexible with its techs in the main and side deck as well as utilize consistency skills with a good number of favorable matchups and only a couple of unfavourable ones, that’s what really makes it stand out compared to other decks.

Tier 2

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

Though Ancient Gears have no horrific matchups, it has a variety of good and bad matchups where it has certain decks that it thrives against (such as Triamid and Subterror) and decks that it doesn’t do too well against (such as Blue-Eyes and Six Samurai). Ancient Gears also show a gaping weakness to cards such as Cosmic Cyclone and side decked cards such as Skull Meister.

Since MCS20, Blue-Eyes has found itself a way back into the format, with many pilots of the deck adopting the new tech card of Share the Pain - a card that has good synergy with The White Stone of Ancients and Dawn Knight. With various strong matchups across the board, Blue-Eyes sit in a decent position this format.

Though still a strong deck, Red-Eyes’ threats amongst the format reside in early removal that take out the Red-Eyes Slash Dragon and removal methods for a Slash Dragon that can bypass its protection. Both of these have picked up in popularity since Red-Eyes’ initial control over the format.


Ancient Gears are still a very good choice at the moment. It has good match-ups all around and is really strong vs Subterror. The main problem however are bricks and sometimes you’ll just draw unplayable hands.

Triamids keep performing better and better over the course of the past week. It seems like the Balance Build pushed this deck to the next level.


Triamids are very powerful, but they aren’t very popular, so they’re still Tier 2 for the time being (despite winning three community tournaments).


Blue-Eyes is once again one of the better decks of the format, if not the best. Thanks to a powerful card like Share the Pain, some of the mroe difficult matchups are now simplified and the ability to special summon multiple beaters in one turn and banish the opponent’s backrow remain the major strengths of the deck.

Triamids have had some tournament success in the past week confirming the initial good impression. The Balance build in particular seems the strongest and most consistent. This deck is arguably one of the candidates for being the best of the format

Tier 3

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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