Tier List Update - July 22nd

Tier 1

TPC Comments

Autumn Leaf

Six Samurai and Blue-Eyes have been two of the most consistent decks (in terms of translation into the top 32) in this diversified meta. It will be interesting to see if they can continue to perform as the primary decks to beat.

Luke Tyler

Blue-Eyes continued to see increased representation alongside good results over recent events. Such statistics made it evident that the deck fits well in Tier 1. In terms of deck building trends, Snipe Hunter is regaining popularity and many are choosing to move away from Share the Pain. Good results from Blue-Eyes in the coming week are anticipated.

Six Samurai remains to be a Tier 1 deck. It consists of various powerful engine cards and a solid boss monster, alongside strong tech cards such as World Legacy Clash. The deck has continued to perform well across various competitive events, and it is expected to continue to do well over the coming week.

Tier 2

TPC Comments:

Autumn Leaf

The implementation of the “skills from any character” side deck was expected to have a profound impact on Spellbooks, providing players with the ability to side deck Sealed Tombs. Even so, Spellbooks were still able to pull through and win the last Meta Weekly.

Cyberdarks have been overlooked for quite some time now but their performance in the last 3 Meta Weeklies clearly showed that they belong on the tier list.


Cyberdarks have proven to be a Tiered deck, they are winning a lot. Cyberdark Edge pulls games out of nothing so quickly, I think playing with 4k life is the true power of the deck.

Luke Tyler

Results across competitive events as of recent suggest that Cyberdark belongs on the Tier List. The deck is able to be oppressive through delivering large damage with Leng Ling, and the Neos Fusion package compliments the deck well. There are a few possible ways of playing the deck; a new variant utilises Give and Take to give the opponent a Ra’s Disciple (that you send with Cyberdark Cannon or Neos Fusion) to create a soft lock that can be a massive threat to many decks under the right circumstances. This variant is expected to see play over the upcoming week.

Red-Eyes remains to be a very powerful deck with the ability to decimate decks without easy outs to a protected Red-Eyes Slash Dragon, should Red-Eyes get all its pieces falling into place to establish a strong field. In addition, many Blue-Eyes decks moving away from Share the Pain is beneficial for Red-Eyes. The bug with Red-Eyes has made it very difficult to monitor the deck’s performance across competitive environments, though it is agreed by many that without the bug Red-Eyes would remain to be a very strong competitor and the bug should not influence its placing on the Tier List.

With multiple strong tools at its disposal, Spellbook has proven to be a very strong Tier 2 deck. Spellbook of Fate is an incredibly powerful removal card that is easily searchable and can be resolved multiple times per duel. Silent Magician is also a huge threat to many decks in the format and the skill Light and Dark grants access to the card very consistently.

Triamid is a consistent deck with the ability to cycle through its field spells in order to generate advantage while backed up by powerful trap cards such as Treacherous Trap Hole and Triamid Pulse. When having to deal with very strong Turn 1 hands from decks such as Six Samurai and Spellbook the deck can be heavily reliant on the coin flip if not drawing a very good hand of its own. Although below average hands from Triamid are susceptible to a singular Cosmic Cyclone, the deck has a lot going for it and it’s tournament performances suggest that a Tier 2 position is the right place for Triamid to be.


Red-Eyes is still a good deck at the moment, however, Red-Eyes Slash Dragon is glitched at the moment so it is not advised to use this deck right now.


Cyberdarks have proven to be the most effective way of playing neos fusion in the past few weeks. The deck has a lot to offer in terms of attack power and defensive capabilities thanks to the synergy with skills like Destiny Draw and Switcheroo. As long as battle traps like Wall of Disruption and Dimensional Prison, and powerful traps like Floodgate Trap Hole and Paleozoic Canadia aren’t seeing as much play this deck will remain Top Tier.


Cyberdarks have been seeing strong results and representation the past 2 weeks, it is all about being put on a timer by Cyberdark Edge and having strong defense from Neos Fusion by sending Bacon Saver/Leng Ling to inflict 2.5k direct damage, as well as the utility of running cards which steal games for you such as Lava Golem, Treacherous Trap Hole and Enemy Controller, very strong win cons.

Tier 3

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

The disappearance of Subterror (a very favourable matchup) has not been beneficial for Ancient Gear. Though Ancient Gear still has favoured matchups against Triamid and Metaphys, it no longer has a Tier 1 deck to thrive off of. Without such the deck is not expected to perform exceptionally well in tournament environments over the forthcoming week, though it is still a Top Tier contender nonetheless.

Metaphys has established itself as being a competitive deck amongst the format. It has multiple strong matchups and a powerful engine. The deck has a few weaknesses such as a slow early game, but ultimately it has enough strongpoints to consider it a Top Tier contender.


Ancient Gears has been struggling due to the shift to a meta with less backrow and the resurgence of Blue-Eyes and Spellbooks which are both very unfavorable matchups

Metaphys has developed into a very powerful antimeta deck with some really good matchups against the other tiered decks. Consistency still remains the main issue of the deck and what holds it back from higher representation in tournaments.

High Potential

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

It is evident that Crystrons are undoubtedly strong and they have the potential to be on the Tier List, though the deck feels like it needs a little bit more time for more players to settle into lists that they feel comfortable with and for more players to feel comfortable playing the deck. This is because currently it does not feel as though a good ranking for Crystron in the metagame can be pinpointed.


TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

Unlike Crystron, Aliens and Mermails have yet to prove that they have the ability to be on the Tier List. This may just be because there is undiscovered potential within lists that have not yet been explored, but removing these 2 decks from High Potential until such happens is the way forward.

Recent competitive event results would suggest that Magnet Warriors are no longer suitable for Tier 3 status. Though the deck isn’t bad, it is evident that obstacles in the format prevent the deck doing well - as a result, is it difficult to justify keeping Magnet Warrior on the Tier List. The deck may very well return to the should it make an influence on the metagame in the future, but for the time being it will face demotion.

Pure Neos has essentially been defined to be the deck consisting of generic removal cards like Lava Golem, Karakuri Ninja mdl 339 “Sazank” and Gale Lizard. This deck has a really strong matchup against Six Samurai, though ultimately the format is too diverse for such a deck to consistently perform well in Tournament environments. Because of this, demotion seems appropriate.


Magnets are not seeing any tourney play, I dont find a reason for this to stay on the tier list.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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