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Unfortunately the new box doesn’t have any archetypes that even are able to scratch the surface of High Potential. The Megalith archetype is decent however struggles in the face of any form of relevant interruption. Coral Dragon is being tested in Crystrons and can facilitate Crystron Quariongandrax plays if you use the Crystron Rosenix token and Crystron Citree. However, as a whole this box is not Top Tier

Tier 1

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Blackwings remain Tier 1 because of their extremely high ceiling with the ability to flat out blow your opponent away. Blackwings have been here for a while and are one of the most aggressive decks to ever hit Duel Links. Now with another favorable matchup in Blue-Eyes reaching more popularity, Blackwings will be able to capitilize. It will be interesting to see how certain decks like Witchcrafter adjust their techs for Blackwings while also taking into account other matchups. Its no secret that cards like Paleozoic Canadia and Floodgate Trap Hole keep this deck in check, however, most other decks can push through those cards. Only time will tell…

Tier 2

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Blue-Eyes performed really well this week even when players knew that it’s coming, which is a good sign for the deck. It has had good results in every tournament thus the promotion to Tier 2. I expect players to respect it even more now and start building their side with Blue-Eyes in mind along with other decks in the meta and if they continues like this then they could move to Tier 1.

Shiranui’s consistency got hit, but Gozuki and Shiranui Solitaire are also good starters for the deck. However, when going second, Shiranui Squire is the card that is able to pressure the opponent with an instant Synchro Summon and setup for next turn and that’s harder to do now, so going 1st is even more important for the deck now thus the demotion to tier2 cause other decks have an easier time going 1st or 2nd.


Fan favorite Blue-Eyes is really strong right now thanks to its good matchup against one of the most represented decks in the format, Witchcrafters. Having access to Karma Cut and good engine cards really makes this deck one of the best options to play this format. Despite all of this pros, the deck is quite inconsistent and suffers from a bad Blackwing matchup.

Luke Tyler

Through its 30-card Lightsworn variation, Witchcrafter has been performing quite well in the competitive scene recently. Witchcrafter Madame Verre is a formidable boss monster to have to stare down for many relevant decks, and the Lightsworn engine allows for Witchcrafter to get to established boards faster as well as give the deck access to the Synchro toolbox - allowing Witchcrafter to play even more strong cards such as Fortune Lady Every. Bricking is certainly an issue for the deck, but not a massive one. The deck commonly uses the skill Show of Nightmares to grab back a tech card to turn the tide of a Duel with, or at the very least will add back a Spell to use for Witchcrafter plays in the form of discarding or revealing with Verre for more attack strength.

Tier 3

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Cyber Dragon really underpeformed this week and barely stayed Tier 3, looks like the Skill changes and the lack of the semi-limit win condition really hurt this deck, now that the Skill changes are implemented it will be their last chance to either prove it’s worthy to stay in the Tier List or not.

Funny thing about Ritual Beasts was that after the banlist and Skill changes it’s competition got nerfed while this deck didn’t get touched, so it should be better. However, that’s not really the case since its matchups with every Top Tier deck is rough and it’s engine is not strong enough to ignore this. We’ll have to see if they survive this week at Tier 3.


The hits to Dark Magician in the most recent banlist really hurt its consistency, although this recent Balance list that is getting popular fights some of that lost consistency. Despite this, this deck suffers from a bad matchup against the current king of the Tier List, Blackwings.

Invoked Neos really overperformed this week, winning tournaments and getting a lot of spots in the Top Cut thanks to its ability to generate free advantage with Volcanic Shell+ Switcheroo and the fact that Karma Cut and Counter Traps like Divine Wrath and Ultimate Providence are in a really strong position in the current meta, don’t be surprised if next week this deck is in a higher Tier.


Invoked Neos has performed really well in the past week’s tournaments, and I expect it to keep doing well since it has a lot of good matchups in this meta. Invoked Neos simultaneously sports OTK potential (with Invoked Purgatrio and Elemental HERO Brave Neos) and heavy backrow (with Counter Traps, Karma Cut and Fiendish Chain). Thanks to Volcanic Shell, its really easy to trigger Switcheroo while at the same time having fuel for Counter Traps / Karma Cut.


On the previous Banlist Magician’s Rod was semi-limited, which really hurts the consistency of the deck. In long runs you cant ignore math, the consistency drop is more than enough to slow down the deck, and give time for other decks to build their own boards before Dark Magician can pull their 3-card combo. There are also multiple trends that lead to the demotion of Dark Magician. Their best matchup, Shiranui also having a hard time to adopt to this current meta, where the space of the game is dictated by Blackwings and Blue-Eyes White Dragon. The best performing Dark Magician lists are trying to mitigate the consistency loss with the addition of Balance, which allows you to open either your combo, or powerful tech cards, like Karma Cut, to stay alive until you get your combo pieces.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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