Tier List Update - July 15th

This is the first Tier List after the Balance update and Cybernetic Rebellion.

Tier 1

TPC Comments


Six Sams and Blue-Eyes are by far the Best decks. (BLue-Eyes is a great call because Subterrors are basically dead and they have a good Six Sam match-up)


I think the Tier List will shape up like this, because Six Samurais wins against Tiers 2 and 3, but has a disadvantage against Blue-Eyes, so Blue-Eyes is tier 1, having balanced / favorable matches in different situations.


Six Sams are the strongest deck now. They were a big contender before and were left completely untouched by the banlist.


There are four components for a strong meta deck: 1) Draw Power 2) Search 3) Easy OTKs 4) Control Pressure. Six Samurais are a complete package.

Tier 2

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

Despite still being strong, Ancient Gears do not benefit from the uprise in Six Samurai users. Cosmic Cyclone is also a very common main deck card in many decks right now. If these trends continue, a slight decline on Ancient Gear representation is foreseeable.

Red-Eyes has the ability to dominate games with a heavily protected Slash Dragon, especially against Six Samurai because their removal all consists of targeting. Subterror were not an easy matchup for Red-Eyes, and the disappearance of that deck along with Six Samurai and Blue-Eyes being popularised is beneficial for Red-Eyes.

Though often lowly-represented, Spellbook sits in a good position at the moment. Spellbook of Fate remains to be one of the best easily-searchable removal cards in the game and Spellbook can still resolve the card 3-4 times per duel.

Utilising Balance, Triamid has unrivalled consistency at its disposal. The deck is able to filter through the field spells to generate advantage and fuel Triamid Pulse and Dancer to deal with threats. In regards to downsides, Cosmic Cyclone is a weakness of Triamid (a death sentence when drawn in multiple) and the deck can sometimes rely on the coinflip when made to deal with an above average hand from the opponent.

Tier 3

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

Magnet Warriors are in awkward position right now. Six Samurai are not a pleasant matchup for the deck because of Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi being able to return Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior. This may encourage the usage of Sealed Tombs.

High Potential

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

Aliens have some potential to do well in competition, though with not enough results and no shown representation it is unclear on where the deck should stand. Therefore, it will remain in high potential for now.

Crystrons seem like the strongest deck out of the new box based on overall opinions, with a few interesting ways of playing the deck. The deck already has a couple of Top Cut appearances, and this could continue throughout the week as it gets optimised further and more people give the deck a try. Limited tournaments with it legal have it remaining in High Potential.

Though not optimised, Mermails seem to be a glass cannon strategy. The deck is not anticipated to perform that well in the upcoming week, but that is not for certain. Because of this, it will remain in High Potential.


Crystrons seem, among the archetypes of the new box, the one with the most potential. It might require some time to optimize decklists but this deck will likely get tiered in the upcoming weeks.


TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

It is not impossible that Subterror will return to the meta game, though it is incredibly unlikely that it will sit in the same position that it once was. The deck is not expected to perform well in upcoming events.


Koaki could be Tier 3, but imo 3 Diamond Core made the Deck what it was. Losing a consistency + protection card makes the Deck less threatening. Subterror should also fall of the list, because I think the -1 for Labyrinth Builder hurts too much, also Heavy Starter does not do anything without a Flip Monster to start their own engine. Also its not clear exactly what Masked Tribute will let you do, but either way it hurts Subterrors.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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