Post Banlist Tier List Update


This is the first Tier List since the recent balance update announcement. The post-banlist meta is still in a formative state, so expect this list to change as it adjusts to stabilizing meta. Additionally, with Chronicle of Glory coming out later today, we’ll have to see if this box will make an impact on the meta (However, TPC thinks this is unlikely).

Tier 1

TPC Comments


Even though Shiranui lost a bit of consistency with Shiranui Squire going to 2 this deck still has enough starters to be prevalent in the meta, and since Dark Magician lost some consistency as well it might even be in a better position than it was before, hence why it was moved to Tier 1.


Blackwings are being placed into Tier 1 for the moment due to the fact it has a relatively good matchups against every relevant deck in the game except Elementsabers. with almost every other Tiered deck being hit by the most recent limited list, this deck will definitely be one to watch out for this format.

Although Shiranui has lost one copy of its most powerful starter cards, it also gained the ability to play power cards such as Cosmic Cyclone andGold Sarcophagus as you may not need three copies of Shiranui Spectralsword. I believe shiranui did not suffer much of a loss this limited list and will continue to be a top contender this format.


Blackwings being completely unchanged gives it the most potential on paper. The Elementsaber matchup is as hard as ever, but with the decline of sacky decks it could be possible to use the tech slots better against Elementsabers.

Luke Tyler

Shiranui recieved minor hits from the banlist, but took a hit to its consistency on opening Shiranui Squire nonetheless. Despite Shiranui Spectralsword now being limited to 3, it will be quite rare to see the third copy being played since Cosmic Cyclone and Gold Sarcophagus are normally better cards to draw. The missing Squire can be replaced by a copy of Gozuki. Shiranui also certainly benefits from a decrease in Dark Magician representation, or at least from the slight decrease in the consistency of Dark Magician. Shiranui is a deck that can play up to 11 techs or so without being inconsistent - a useful trait to have.

wayne kenoff

Blackwings rise to Tier 1 due to its lack of hits on the ban list and the ability to have great Turn 1 and ferocious Turn 2 plays above all other decks.


After the banlist, Shiranui won’t be able to play three Shiranui Squire anymore, but has regained access to one copy of either Cosmic Cyclone or Gold Sarcophagus. Instead of the third copy of Squire, you can either play Gozuki or Shiranui Spiritmaster. Another reason why this deck is now Tier 1 is the nerf to Dark Magician, the worst possible matchup for Shiranui.

Tier 2


At first glance, the hit to Magician’s Rod seems not that impactful. However, it will greatly affect the deck ’cause it will be much harder to have full combo with 4 Cards going 1st.Also, it will affect your grind game cause you wont be able to recycle Rod from the Graveyard as much now.


After the recent banlist, Elementsabers are in an excellent position for the current meta. The fact that the best match up for the deck in Blackwings is now Tier 1 and its worst matchup in Dark Magician is only Tier 2 with its nerfs makes Elementsabers a possible good call for the current tournament meta.


As time goes on, many players are starting to figure out the most efficient way to play Witchcrafter. I believe this deck is Tier 1 in the right hands as it will usually reward the player for playing correctly. In the meantime, this deck will be placed in Tier 2.


Elementsabers are one of the three top decks in my opinion, perfectly countering Blackwings but still having to find new ways to beat Dark Magician.

Dark Magician might have taken a big hit on consistency but still boasts an incredible Shiranui and Elementsaber matchup. Teching heavily against blackwings can still make the deck a very viable choice.

Tier 3

TPC Comments


Moving to Tier 3 for now, Blue-Eyes is a deck with good matchups all around aside from the Tier 1 decks (Blackwings and Shiranui). However, with the recent Shiranui nerf and players playing Level Duplication instead of Level Augmentation, combined with the addition of Karma Cut makes this matchup much easier than what it used to be. The biggest enemy of the deck are of course its bricks, but when it gets to play it can snowball really fast.

The banlist affected Crystrons the most, however their consistency is exactly the same and only their grind game was touched. Since the engine is so big I expect the deck to still find a way and stay relevant in the upcoming meta.

As a deck that was also heavily affected by the banlist, Cyber Dragon is still a strong deck that can OTK easily.However, unlike crystron, their consistency got hit along with some of its power, because you can’t play semi-limited cards now. Also, it’s harder to have the full combo with Cybernetic Overflow and Cyberload Fusion. As far as the Cyber Style changes go, it’s harder to bait cards now because Proto-Cyber Dragon can’t attack and Cosmic Cyclone is less of a combo piece, however, I expect them to stay relevant just like Crystron.


Out of all the relevant decks, Crystrons got hit the hardest. The deck was already going down in popularity due to the addition of a new bad matchup in Witchcrafter, but now the deck lost some of its grind potential and you need to be extra careful in certain matchups. For example, against Elementsabers you have to be careful with your 1 Crystron Impact because otherwise it will be hard to out their Invoked Cocytus. Despite this, the deck should still see play paired up with the Sea Stealth Attack engine.


After the recent banlist which limited Crystron Impact to 2, we have decided to demote this deck to Tier 3. This change will likely lead to most builds using 1 Crystron Rion (also semi limited) and 1 Impact, which reduces the deck’s ability to outresource opponents and it can become harder to make Crystron Quariongandrax with only 1 Rion. The Sea Stealth Attack variant could potentially be the most popular build now since it can rely more on SSA and Citadel Whale, but the viability of other builds is still being explored.


Crystrons are clearly the biggest victims of the previous Banlist. The semi-limit of Crystron Impact paired up with the previously semi-limited Crystron Rion means, in an ideal list you can only run one Crystron Rion and one Crystron Impact. This nerf to the grind power means it’s going to be so much harder to deal with decks that forced Crystron into long games (Ritual Beast, Shiranui). After a couple days of testing and tournament results we can say: Crystrons are not done yet. The Sea Stealth Attack version of the deck is still super strong, as the consistency of the deck was not touched at all, you can’t even notice the nerfs pre Turn 5-6. The problems come later, when the grind game starts. The SSA version of the deck doesn’t care about losing a Crystron Rion, since it recycles itself, and for the Synchro Summon of Crystron Quariongandrax and Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier you can use Genex Controllers as Level 3 Tuners as well. The SSA lockdown gives you a proper grind game and alternative win-con, which makes up for the lose of the Crystron Impacts. The trends says Crystron Entry can be a replacement of Crystron Impact as well, as it’s still a searchable card with Crystron Smiger, and can act as discard fodder for Crystron Sulfefnir and can later turn your Crystron Citree into a Level 3 to help your Synchro plays, while also sending follow-up to the grave. Overall, the hits means the only stable list that players can still rely on is the SSA version of the deck, the other versions still need proper testing and time. Due to the nerfs and the promotion of direct counter decks such as Blackwings and Witchcrafters, Crystrons are demoted to Tier 3.

Ritual Beasts were not hit on the recent banlist, but they are one of the biggest losers of the Crystron hit. Ritual Beasts, when paired with Shadow Game, had a really good Crystron matchup, and Crystron made everyone side System Downs, which means they had less side deck space to side direct Ritual Beast counter cards such as Poisonous Winds and Artifact Lancea. Now these trends are going to change, and other decks that were countered by Ritual Beast can afford to focus on them more. The rise of Elementsabers not only gives a bad matchup to Ritual Beast, but it also means Artifact Lancea is going to be staple in almost every deck or side deck. Overall, Ritual Beasts were not touched, but the change of the meta doesnt help them at all. They are still in a solid Tier 3 position, but the lack of consistency and the rise of Elementsabers means they can’t move up on the Tier List for now.


Crystron lost core cards but is still very much fixable with the inclusion of more tech cards or supplementary engines as it didnt lose any of its starter cards or consistency


Blue-Eyes is being reinstated into the Tier List because of their solid matchups against a majority of the most played strategies. They have a positive matchup against every meta strategy except for Blackwings, Cyber Dragons, and Masked HEROs. Shiranui used to be a difficult matchup for them when they were last meta relevant but since then the deck has received Karma Cut to banish problematic high level monsters with destruction protection while Shiranui has been nerfed as they will see Shiranui Squire much less frequently. Dragon Spirit of White eliminates backrow and Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon negates Shiranui Spectralsword from giving them follow-up plays. Their primary limiter is the existance of Blackwings, because Cyber Dragon and HEROs can be beaten with Sphere Kuriboh while blackwings are simply too aggressive to defeat with a standard build.

wayne kenoff

Blue-Eyes rises due to the shift and the large size its monsters. Blue-Eyes has always had strong strategies since the introduction of Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon, but consistency still proves to be a problem for the fan-favorite deck.

Crystrons take a massive hit in another Limit 2 to Crystron Impact and now they must choose between two “core” cards. Crystrons still should be considered viable and expect to see reworked builds that have lost some versatility that are still able to keep up with today’s meta game.

Removed From Tier List

TPC Comments


Lightsworn unfortunately did not have the results nor the representation to remain in High Potential. If Blackwings are potentially feeding on the uptick in witchcrafters then Lightsworn will not be able to survive.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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