Tier List Update - July 1st

This will be the last update from this current Top Player Council, expect a fresh set of eyes next week!


This will be my last tier list update for some time! Thanks for reading my thoughts, this role has been fun!

The meta is in a very healthy spot and is probably the most diverse meta we have seen with at least 10 competitive decks all of which you will be seeing in top cuts. Without any new releases, the meta in a tournament will be different each week as players adapt. There is no clear best deck, and the lines between tiers are blurred. Winning events has come down to correct meta calls, deck building, technical play and a little luck. A far cry from past metas.

Tier 1

TPC Comments

wayne kenoff

Subterrors stay Tier 1 for the consistency, power and ability to continue pressing forward and OTK even while playing back row. Having access to a large plethora of back row featuring powerful cards like Paleozoic Canadia, Subterror Final Battle and the almighty Treacherous Trap Hole without slowing it down separates this deck from the rest.

Tier 2

TPC Comments:


Ancient Gears have finally won an MCS, they fare quite well against a number of popular decks including Subterror and Triamid. It has reasonable match-ups across the board but as usual it is prone to its own bricks.

Red-Eyes is suffering from increased side deck hate but is still capable of winning events. A very strong deck but don’t expect a free ride.


Spellbooks have been really powerful lately in tournament top cuts due to the fact that the Spellbook of Fate recycle + Silent Magician is such a hard board to usually out and they pull this off more consistently with the use of the skill Light and Dark.

Triamids were expected to be a Top Tier deck and it showed off itself in the latest Meta Weekly, but only 1 topped in the MCS. This deck still has potential for more optimizing and it can definitely top tournaments when played correctly.


Blue-Eyes has proven once again to be a really powerful deck able to adapt to meta changes. The addition of Share the Pain to the build helped to improve what previously were difficult matchups like Red-Eyes and Subterrors

Spellbook of Fate and Silent Magician continue to be 2 incredibly powerful cards. Maybe it’s time for a new nerf, Konami.

wayne kenoff

The linear beast that is Red-Eyes once thought unstoppable has hit a major bump in the road. While still incredibly consistent and powerful, it’s straightforward strategy can be easily countered by the right combination of cards from a majority of the other tier decks.

Triamids have slowly but surely made their way into the meta as more and more people pick up the deck that apears lackluster from afar. The consistency of the deck is its greatest strength with each monster and field spell having a specific signature ability that can be easily searched out thru the decks engine. this consistent engine allows the deck to quickly abuse powerful trap cards like Treacherous Trap Hole and Triamid Pulse which, when timed correctly, can effectively blow out your opponent while you maintain your advantage.


Blue-Eyes’ comeback is mostly attributed to many players not siding for them or coming prepared for them in any case this past MCS. But, it has plenty of main and side deck developments such as Share the Pain and maining 3 Dawn Knight to trigger The White Stone of Ancients that put them over the top to combat the higher tiered decks.

Red Eyes are still a force that has to be respected, even in light of recent tournament results indicating otherwise. Cards like Drowning Mirror Force being used to out the many negates its capable of putting on board will always have to be respected regardless due to the low amount of non-targeting removal in Duel Links.

Triamids have definitely shown themselves to be a very capable core, cycling through and managing resources in a very amazing and competent manner.

Tier 3

TPC Comments:


Koa’ki Meiru is just too inconsistent right now. They can just draw insane and OTK you, but more often than not they will have a very weak hand. On top of that Six Samurai and Blue-Eyes are getting more popular which are 2 relatively unfavorable match-ups for Koaki.


Magnets have a powerful boss monster and a lot of special summon plays however they can have a slow start and they are very hurt by Sealed Tombs. A solid deck overall.

Koa’ki Meiru has struggled a lot in the past week in tournaments. Cards like Paleozoic Canadia and World Legacy Clash can hurt a lot their main strategy and these were widely adopted by some of the meta decks. Once again, Koa’ki will have to adapt to a meta with more backrow but they already have some in-archtype answers that might see play again


TPC Comments:


Amano Stun hasn’t seen a lot of play in the past week in tournaments. The deck will remain a sleeper until new cards will be introduced or a meta shift.


Despite Dark Magician seeing some success in the MCS we chose to leave it off the Tier List for now. We think it hasn’t fully proven itself yet, but if it continues to do well the next weeks it will get promoted.

Despite their ability to FTK their opponents, not giving them a single chance to play a card, Gem-Knights just aren’t consistent enough in what they’re doing.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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