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This is the first Tier List for your new Top Player Council.

Tier 1

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With the addition of Witchcrafters to the Tier List, Crystrons get an another tough matchup. The deck has to adapt, since the negating effect of Witchcrafter Madame Verre is a very effective counter to the deck. The recent lists tried to adapt with the addition of spot removal traps, such as Raigeki Break, Karma Cut, Ballista Squad and negations like Divine Wrath and Fiendish Chain, but these traps only helping if you can followup up with an OTK play, since Witchcrafters have really good recovery. An another possible counter to Witchcrafters is Destiny HERO - Plasma, which is easily searchable with the Bring it! Skill. Plasma negates the whole Witchcrafter board, and by equipping Verre it goes up to 2400 ATK, which is a big threshold in the matchup, since they have no generic way to run over Plasma. Crystrons have the tools to adapt to the new rival decks, which is the main reason why the deck stays Tier 1, but important to note, that the gap between Crystrons and the better Tier 2 decks (Shiranui, Blackwings) was never this small.

Tier 2

Tier 3

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Invoked Neos is back on the Tier List! Having access to powerful counter traps like Divine Wrath / Ultimate Providence and Invoked Purgatrio makes this deck a nightmare to play against for combo decks. Despite that it doesn’t perform as well against decks that don’t rely on monster effects / monster-heavy boards, so for now, it’s going to stay at Tier 3.


Ritual Beasts are still a good choice in this meta, with the Shadow Game Skill and techs like Fiendish Chain and Floodgate Trap Hole this deck became really good vs Crystrons. The Deck has great OTK potential and massive card advantage if you manage to draw your combo in the early game. I think the real problem of the deck is bricking, so aside from a big brain, you are gonna need good luck to have success with Ritual Beasts (or if you’re feeling really unlucky you can even play the Restart Skill).


Although Neos Fusion is at two, with the addition of Keeper of Dragon Magic, Invoked Neos obtained essentially three more copies of Neos Fusion. With the help of Volcanic Shell and the Switcheroo Skill you are able net a +1 almost every turn. This engine also allows you to play some of the strongest most versatile Traps in the game which are the ones that require a discard for cost.

For the time being Witchcrafter has earned its spot in Tier 3. In the most recent Meta Weekly (the first week with its new support) it was the third most represented deck and earned the second most spots in Top 32. I feel that this deck has potential for more in the future, especially if they get new support because there are unreleased Witchcrafter cards that can easily land this deck into Tier 1.


Cyber Dragons, although remaining at Tier 3, have shown a lot of potential and may possibly be moving up the Tier List in the upcoming weeks. They have done well in tournaments these past few weeks, placing really high in general. In addition, in clan wars playoffs, they have had a win percentage of 60 last week and 53 this week. Crystron and Shiranui are it’s difficult matchups but nonetheless these matchups are winnable especially with side. Across the board, however, it does have very solid matchups and can be overwhelming for many decks. Consistency is always an issue though, which was why it was difficult to move up this week, however, if Cyber Dragon can keep up their results and success, we should be seeing it move up to Tier 2 very soon.


Witchcrafter is the only deck from the new box that has managed to enter in the Tier List. There are several builds at the moment but the Lightsworn build seems be the most relevant. The deck definitely has an excellent match up against Crystrons which makes it an attractive deck. Unfortunately it finds problems against other popular decks like Blackwings and for this reason it stays in Tier 3 for the moment.


Witchcrafter has one of the most powerful boss monsters to date and is one of the very few decks with Quick Effect Monster negation providing interuption and defense. The deck inherently has a good ammount of starters as all monsters share the same Special Summoning effect. Engine requirements like the Witchcrafter spells can lead to bricks or slow hands as they do very little by themselves and only turn into playable cards alongside other pieces. The deck’s inherently passive playstyle and lack of layered offense makes it very weak to common traps like Fiendish Chain or Ballista Squad. Time will tell if the deck’s offensive flaws can be made up for by a secondary engine to propel it even further up the Tier List

Luke Tyler

Witchcrafter boasts a powerful boss monster in Witchcrafter Madame Verre, a card that can be summoned with ease. While sitting behind the wall of Verre, Witchcrafter accumulate greater hand advantage as the duel progresses - enabling the user to at some point play more aggressive. However, Verre alone is not enough to beat meta decks consistently, and so the deck is commonly paired with the Lightsworn engine or with tech cards (traps in the instance of Balance) to improve performance.


Witchcrafters haas been moved from High Poential to Tier 3, and has the chance to move even further in the coming weeks. The deck’s ability to control the board with Witchcrafter Madame Verre negating monster effects every turn while gaining advantage can be very scary for decks like Crystrons. The two main options for the deck seem to be Balance with a variety of strong removal traps and Show of Nightmares which utilizes the Lightsworn engine to make boss monsters like Fortune Lady Every. Both versions received a major boost in Witchcrafter Genni which can copy any Witchcrafter Spell in the grave and Witchcrafter Edel which can summon any Spellcaster monster from the GY. Various builds tech in a Kiwi Magician Girl to give all Spellcasters immunity from targeting and destruction. Once Kiwi and Madame Verre are on the field it is virtually impossible to break this board adding another win condition for the deck.

High Potential

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Sitting on the sidelines for a long time, Lightsworn has seen recent tournament results likely due to the return to a 20 card playstyle increasing the chance for repetitive gameplay and consistent opening hands. With Chaos Dragon Levianeer the deck has one of most versatile and powerful boss monsters in the game and has access to both Fortune Lady Every and Crystron Quariongandrax, arguably two of the best Synchro Monsters ever released. The key for this deck to shine is abandoning the mentality of adding too many Graveyard effect cards, which ends up with alot of win-more cards. Focusing on the three layers of Levianeer, Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner and 1 Synchro Summon from the Graveyard gives this deck a powerful, consistent and repetitive playstyle.


Recent tournament tops have propelled Lightsworn into High Potential status due to its unparalleled explosiveness. Going first gives Lightsworn players the option to set up cards like Bacon Saver and Fortune Lady Every on field. If the deck goes second the constant threat of Chaos Dragon Levianeer can be extremely scary if the opponent has no way to stop it. However, playing through backrow has always been a problem with the deck especially when dealing with Fiendish Chain and traps that stop Synchro plays. Not to mention the deck auto loses to Necrovalley if the Lightsworn player doesn’t draw its outs.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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