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Tier List Update - July 3rd, 2018

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Top Player Council Thoughts

A new Top Player Council means an all-new Tier List! Or it would mean that, except Fur Hires, Amazoness, and HEROs continue to dominate the competitive scene, Spellbooks have continued to trend downwards, and Aliens and Geargia have hung on as solid rogue decks. Overall, the meta is shaped most significantly by Fur Hires, and each deck’s placement on the tier list is heavily influenced by how it can handle itself in the Fur Hire meta.

Tier 1

Amazoness, Fur Hires, and HEROs all remain in Tier 1. Amazoness continue to be incredibly flexible in their techs and skill choice, relying on neither to function as a deck. HEROs can similarly tech well and have transitioned into using Beatdown and occasionally 2x Polymerization to steal games with a 5300 ATK Vision HERO Trinity beating over a 1200 ATK Beat, Bladesman Fur Hire or Amazoness Princess. And Fur Hires have centralized the meta, being a relatively straightforward and powerful deck that can pick apart a field and maintain strong control if not sufficiently disrupted.

TPC comment on Amazoness

Amazoness is the best control deck in the game creating those key 1-for-1s through Amazoness Onslaught and depleting Fur Hire and HERO resources. - Yehhey

TPC comment on Fur Hires

This deck has faced a lot of counter-play in the past week, most notably in the Meta Weekly where only 1 deck made it to the Top 4. However, an early Wiz, Sage Fur Hire is currently one of the simplest boards to set up, yet hardest to beat in matches other than the mirror match, especially when the Fur Hire player is going first. Following the 2/3 Wiz/Beat ratio, a Fur Hire player has a 70% chance of opening at least one on their first turn. On top of this, the deck has the capacity to OTK at an alarmingly consistent rate, especially when their opponents aren’t heavily protected. - kwrowe

TPC comment on Masked Heroes

Masked HEROs just have too much going for them to drop and have proven themselves to still be a strong competitor in the new format, despite the nerfs and skill changes. The deck has an unmatched ability to thin and draw, giving the pilot the best possible chance to see their win condition. Beatdown as a skill gives the deck new thresholds and kill potentials it didn’t have before, like a 5300 Vision Hero Trinity being lethal over Beat, Bladesman Fur Hire/Amazoness Princess and 3100 Masked HERO Anki getting over Wiz, Sage Fur Hire and opposing Anki. Not to mention, the skill is easily triggered with Destiny HERO - Malicious which can help you reach other less important thresholds like 1300 Vision HERO Vyon and 1900 Destiny HERO - Celestial/Destiny HERO - Decider. The massive drop-off of Spellbook players has given the deck room to run less backrow removal, which gives more tech options. Players fill these spots with things like more Forbidden Chalice, a 2nd Polymerization, Paleozoic Canadia, and even battle traps like Mirror Wall to avoid Hey, Trunade! sacks. This variety in viable tech choices gives the deck a lot of looks and makes it harder to play against. People say Malicious makes the deck too bricky without Restart, but I think the incredible ceiling of the deck is well worth the risk factor. - look at god

Tier 2

Spellbooks have remained in Tier 2. Despite being the only top deck not hit by the recent banlist, Spellbooks had a hard time adjusting to the new Fur Hire meta. They lost two great match-ups in Sylvans and Stall, while two bad match-ups in Amazoness and HEROs remain serious issues. Even the Fur Hire match-up is at best a coin-flip that Spellbooks prefer to go first in, although a single Hey, Trunade! can end the duel if a Silent Magician is not on the field.

TPC comments

Spellbooks are on the brink. Consistency is a reason hardly anyone picks them up anymore. Maybe if the tournament format changes they can thrive again. - BlackJesus

Initially I planned on dropping Spellbooks to Tier 3 since they’ve severely dropped in usage and number of tops, but I decided to do some testing and get a feel for how it plays and I changed my mind on the deck. I still think the 30-card version with Restart has amazing potential; resolving Fool of Prophecy or That Grass Looks Greener is still one of the most powerful turn 1 plays you can have and well worth skipping a Draw Phase for. With the Tier 1 decks like HEROs starting to shy away from Switcheroo builds with Cosmic Cyclone and move towards more aggressive Beatdown variants with less backrow hate, I can definitely see Spellbooks start to pop up again and take some top cut spots. The Silent Magician variant has a nice ceiling with the ability to play 2-3 interrupts with a god hand, but overall I don’t like its consistency. The biggest problem I think the deck has right now is going 2nd vs Fur Hires with a Wiz, Sage Fur Hire on the board. Unlucky coin flips can hurt its tournament performance and discourage it from seeing use, but overall I think the deck is worthy of Tier 2. - look at god

Tier 3

Finally, Aliens and Geargias have stuck around as Tier 3 decks. Aliens struggle with Fur Hires but can hold their own against HEROs and do very well against Amazoness. Geargias are a much more linear deck, but opening with Ties of the Brethren and protection is still one of the strongest first turn boards in the game, and is enough for this deck to be considered a threat in competitive events.

TPC comment on Aliens

A favorable match-up against Amazoness helps keep this deck relevant. It will also always be a threat in the 4000 LP format for its ability to steal games with “A” Cell Recombination Device plays. It is very hard to side against Aliens, especially with so few people running this deck competitively. Struggles against Fur Hire, and needs to side deck appropriately. - kwrowe

TPC comment on the Tier 3 decks

These two stand out from other rogue decks, but Geargias also got hit by the new banlist, making them unable to run Enemy Controller along with Pulse Mines. They also struggle against Treacherous Trap Hole, which is very common in tournaments. - skillShot


Red-Eyes Zombies have been removed from High Potential. The new skill buffs really only help the deck against Spellbooks which are falling off, and even with Beatdown the deck has so much trouble dealing with Wiz, Sage Fur Hire that it’s simply not viable.

TPC comments on Red-Eyes Zombies

When REZ died, HEROs took its place. For a deck to rely on summoning large boss monsters consistently, such boss monsters must be able to reach 2800 ATK or higher in order to become relevant. REZ is no longer viable as it lacks the capacity to handle larger boss monsters such as Masked HERO Anki without tech cards. - Negative1

REZ has proven that it’s still awful in this meta where near every deck can easily plop something on the board to deal with a 2400 beater. ShinySopheon

This week we have the Meta Weekly on 7/3 and other community events throughout the week.
Expect the results of these events to have a strong influence on the tier list.

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