Tier List Update - January 11th


This Tier List was made with the new Selection Box and the Blue-Eyes Evolution Structure Deck in mind, since they will be releasing later today. With the MCS this weekend, we will have to see how potentially meta-warping cards like Book of Moon will change the Tier List dynamic.

Tier 1

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Even though they struggle going second, I think Noble Knights’ sole reign of Tier 1 is well-deserved. They’re the closest we’ve been to a Tier 0 deck in a while due to its near-unbreakable Turn 1 boards and massive advantage that Noble Knight Borz generates. People have also been including Typhoon, Hey, Trunade! and Cosmic Cyclone in the Side Deck to help the deck’s Turn 2 against cards like Necrovalley and Zombie World. Book of Moon won’t be a huge problem for the deck, since its Turn 1 setup will stay the same, and going second it’s an interuption you would have faced anyways, only changing the fact that you will sometimes have to use Merlin early or lose your Gwenhwyfar, Queen of Noble Arms.

Tier 2

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Invoked Neos remains at Tier 2. The deck gets a Spell-version of Paleozoic Canadia in Book of Moon but it’s so much better than that. Not only is it a Spell, it can also be used on your own monsters, giving it a lot of applications in the Meta. Book of Moon is able to flip down either one of the Noble Knight Xyz Monsters equipped with a Noble Arms of Destiny going second so you can use your Battle Phase to put pressure on them, where you would previously have to survive a whole turn against the big Noble Knights toolbox. Of course, it also plays aound Forbidden Lance, Karma Cut, Fiendish Chain and other forms of disruption on your monsters (most notably Aleister the Invoker), so their effects can go through uninterrupted, while still performing Paleozoic Canadia’s prior functions. This will be a significant boost for the deck, allowing them to compete in the meta.


Last week we put Thunder Dragons at High Potential, as we were unsure of various factors such as overall representation, first week performance, and Top Cut conversion. This week we are confident at putting Thunders at Tier 2. It’s actually fascinating how 1 non-archetypal card (Constellar Ptolemy M7) changes so much for this deck. Not only does it serve as a way to recover any Thunder Dragon and/or Chaos Dragon Levianeer, but it can also interact with the opponent’s monsters from Field/GY as well, fixing some of bad match-ups for the deck. Unfortunately for the Thunder Dragon fans, this deck has a really poor match up against the Tier 1 deck of the list: Noble Knights. Of course, you can modify the list in order to improve this match up, adding cards like Chaos Sorcerer in Level Duplication strategies or Chaos Betrayer in Fiend Farewell strategies. It might also struggle against Gouki with their new Field Spell strategies revolving around Necrovalley and Demise of The Land in combination with their backrow to stop Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon, the only Main Deck out for Necrovalley. The best list is still being worked on and optimized, and once it’s finished - Thunder Dragons will be a force to be reckoned with.

Tier 3

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Davide Magri

Necrov…ehm, Gouki is finally back on the Tier List thanks to its favourable matchups in the meta. Going first against Noble Knight almost always results in a win due to the guaranteed interruption you’ll draw off of Balance, with the addition of a powerful floodgate like Necrovalley or Zombie World after siding. Necrovalley itself is a key to Gouki’s recent success, It’s an auto-win button against many decks in this meta, therefore some players have started to use Demise of the Land in order to get it on the field faster and more consistently. The release of Book of Moon also does nothing but help this archetype, as the card can be used as an interruption or as a way to dodge Karma Cut. In spite of being arguably the most consistent deck in the game (It’s basically impossible to brick with Balance), It’s hard to rank Gouki higher: the deck is good only because other decks which happen to lose to certain floodgates are in the meta, and Gouki can turbo them out consistently. However, as soon as you face a rogue strategy, you’ll see how many decks don’t care about a Necrovalley or lose to a single Trap. Going second also doesn’t help, since most of the times you want to go first in order to interrupt your opponent before they make a relevant play. Overall, Gouki is in a good spot right now, but It’s likely they will fade away as soon as the meta moves to something that doesn’t suit It.


Witchcrafters have been demoted to Tier 3 due to some changes in the meta. While the Noble Knight matchup is quite favored going first, it is still not a matchup Witchcrafter players want to be facing often (as opposed to Invoked Neos or Desperado). In addition, the rise of Thunder Dragons and Gouki has made things a bit more awkward for Witchcrafters. A few weeks ago, Witchcrafters had slightly-favored or 50-50 matchups across the board, and it was really good for them. However, it’s just a hard time for Witchcrafter right now.


Blackwings remain at Tier 3 for the time being. Many might think that Blackwings will completely fall out of the meta with the addition of Book of Moon. However, this is not the case. Flips disrupting Blackwings’ aggressive play style is nothing new and has been a problem since its release. However, in this specific case, it also greatly benefits the deck. The ability to protect Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower from Karma Cuts and Fiendish Chains by flipping it face-down while also using its destruction effect several times in one turn by flipping it face-up with cards like Blackwing - Oroshi the Squall. There are several great ways to use Book of Moon both offensively and defensively against decks like Noble Knights. Aside from that, Blackwings still have their easy access to oppressive floodgates like Necrovalley and Zombie World via Ancient Fairy Dragon or Posthumous Army, which are all effective against the current Tier 1 & 2 decks.

Desperado has been demoted to Tier 3, mainly due to unfavorable match ups across the Tier Kist. While the deck can still utilize Side Deck cards really well due to Cup of Ace being able to thin the deck pretty quick, it usually needs a lot of luck as well as specific scenarios to win games (For example, needing to go first against Noble Knights with Karma Cut). The deck also heavily relies on luck and struggles against fast decks, especially the ones that can bring out monsters that are immune to effect destruction like Assault Blackwing - Onimaru the Divine Thunder or Noble Knight monsters equipped with Noble Arms of Destiny. Book of Moon will also affect Desperado negatively, as it can flip Machine-Type monsters or Desperado Barrel Dragon itself face-down to prevent either floating or the Battle Phase destruction effect, while also flipping Super Team Buddy Force Unite! targets face-down, rendering it useless.

High Potential

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Maximilian K

Blue-Eyes ascends to High Potential with the release of Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon and the Blue-Eyes Evolution Structure Deck. With an in-deck copy of Alternative, we now have a way to straight-up summon it Turn 1 for free by revealing a Blue-Eyes White Dragon from the hand. This two-card combo being directly searchable with The Melody of Awakening Dragon means that the deck will most likely cut Ancient Rules / Cosmo Brain, as they are -1’s in card advantage, weaker then Alternative in general, and much less consistent. Melody also acts as a fourth copy of Cards of Consonance to get The White Stone of Ancients into the GY quickly and easily to generate even more card advantage and field presence.

By using Alternative Evolution for access to a second copy, Blue-Eyes cares less about cards like Karma Cut cutting off your acess to Alternative. The deck has high potential to turbo out Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon, Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis, or Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon (which was only available via Ultimate Dragons previously}.

Despite all of these benefits, the deck is still susceptible to bricks, and even optimal hands have a hard time dealing with Noble Knights going second or optimal Thunder Dragon hands going first.

With the release of Book of Moon siginalling the rise of decent Noble Knight counters in Invoked Neos and Gouki, Blue-Eyes is in a decent spot, being able to overpower these slower control decks with Dragon Spirit of White and Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon. In addtion, the Desperado matchup gets a lot easier with more access to Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon. As such, the the deck has High Potential as we enter the new Selection Box format.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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