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Of course the 30-card list has been the go to Shiranui list as of late, some players have been going back to the 20-card Sealed Tombs list. Since most decks are hard countering the That Grass Looks Greener Shiranui build, going back to the 20-card control build has shown success in recent tourneys and leagues.


20-card Shiranui has gained a lot of popularity during the KCC and after being able to compete and have an advantage over lot of meta decks in the current state making it one of the safest and strongest options. This is mainly because of its ability to main lots of anti-meta cards like Artifact Lancea, Forbidden Lance, and Mistaken Arrest while also being able to solidify strong board presence with Shiranui Squire also offering you a really solid follow-up turn. Drawing Squire with 2-3 defensive anti-meta cards makes it almost impossible for most meta decks to beat.

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Dark Cavalry got moved off the Tier List. Although it was popular during the KCC and maybe 1-2 tourneys after, it still seems to be a gimmicky deck that hasn’t been too popular in any of the community leagues.


Dark Cavalry gained a lot of popularity during this KCC but it’s off the Tier List and thats because it’s do or die with Dark Cavalry and most meta decks right now already have answers for that. So its not worth risking at all unless you want to meme a bit.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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