KCC Tier List Update - February 10th

Luke Tyler

This weeks Tier List is catered specifically towards the second stage of the KC Cup. The meta for the KC Cup Stage 2 is expected to be very similar to the tournament meta, with a closer resemblance towards the meta we see in large point room battles (especially since these point battles are common sources of KC Cup testing). Notable differences include increased relevance in decks with strong consistency, and stronger potential in decks with the ability to close games out extremely quickly while not taking slow losses at the same time. An example of this is the readdition of Cyber Dragon to the tier list - its average match time gives it extra merit in a KC Cup Stage 2 environment.

Tier 1

TPC Comments


Dark Magician stays at the top by being a very consistent deck with an engine that has disruption with its own searchers (Dark Magical Circle). Being able to use Sealed Tombs and have Magician Navigation negates for S/T gives this deck options to beat every deck. This will be a good deck for KCC because it has auto-win matchups and over an elongated tournament the consistency will shine


Dark Magician is likely to be the most common deck in KC Cup, for good reason. With Sealed Tombs and Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer it is able to floodgate many strategies from being able to make plays, and with Dark Magical Circle they are able to gain free advantage. Many games will be reduced to whether players see Cosmic Cyclone which is still not enough as it doesn’t deal with the Dark Magicians and followup negate.


Its been nearly 5 months and Elementsabers are still as strong as ever. The deck is probably the most balanced deck in the meta and can explode out of nowhere with Invoked Purgatrio or control the duel with Invoked Cocytus and Elementsaber Molehu. Now with players opting to add Elementsaber Lapauila to negate Magician Navigation the deck even has negation. Seriously there’s nothing this deck doesn’t have and it’s one of the optimal choices for the KC Cup

Tier 2

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Blackwings always dominated the point rooms, the fast and aggressive play style makes them a good pick for the KCC. The only thing that keeps Blackwings back from being the clear best pick for the KCC is the popularity of Elementsabers.

Darklords were always a solid pick for KCC since the release of the deck. The two most popular decks of the format are Dark Magician and Elementsabers, and the deck has a good chance to have a positive winrate against both. The fact that Darklords can win fast, and they can also win trough long grind games, makes them a nice pick for the KCC.

Luke Tyler

Blackwings have been prevailing in Point Battles due to their ability to close out games quickly, in addition to their decent matchups across the board in the current metagame. Through carefully selecting the correct tech cards, Blackwings can weave their way through the Stage 2 meta, adataping its tech cards accordingly along the way. For example, a surge in Dark Magician and Invoked players would be an indication for said Blackwing pilot to equip their deck with a hefty amount of backrow removal options.

Tier 3

TPC Comments:


Cyber Dragons are back on the Tier List thanks to their favorable Dark Magician matchup but it still has the same problem of facing monsters that cannot be destroyed by card effects with stats of 2800 or more, namely Invoked Cocytus, Ritual Beast Ulti-Pettlephin, and Darklords under Darklord Tezcatlipoca


Cyber Dragons are back on the Tier List. With KC Cup coming around Dark Magician seem to be a popular choice, making Cyber Dragons decent. Going 1st with Cybernetic Overflow or Cyberload Fusion is GG for DM. Going 2nd isn’t the worst due to playing multiple Cosmic Cyclones.

Luke Tyler

Ritual Beasts appear to be a very strong contender in the format - in the right hands. With the exception of hard removal like Treacherous Trap Hole, the deck is able to play through common backrow cards and other forms of popular disruption due to their contact-fusing abilities. To handle the threatening removal cards like Treacherous and Dark Magical Circle, we see many Ritual Beast users using a decent amount of backrow removal cards still - with some players going above the standard lineup of just Cosmic Cyclone and Night Beam with quirkier options like Fire Formation - Gyokkou. In further regards to deck building trends, the My Monster Cards variant has been picking up a lot of traction due to its increased chances of opening the godlike hands with Ritual Beast Tamer Elder and ideally Spiritual Beast Cannahawk. Many players prefer Sealed Tombs still however, due to the insane coverage that the Skill provides. It is possible for either of these variants to perform well in the upcoming Stage 2 of the KC Cup.

Off the Tier List

TPC Comments:


Ninjas have two major weakness keeping them from the Tier List. Firstly they need to go first to setup their disruption and secondly Cosmic Cyclone. However, when Ninjas go 1st and they don’t have CC they can end the game in a decisive manner and that’s why they are a poor man’s Dark Magician


Unfortunately this deck in the current meta is too prone to disruption and can’t keep up with the other decks. Cosmic Cyclone shuts down the deck similar to how Poisonous Winds shuts down Ritual Beasts. There’s no way Ninjas can keep up if the deck’s main weakness is the meta’s most popular card.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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