Tier List Update - December 30

Disclaimer from Jadehex, TPC Manager

This is the LAST Tier List for this iteration of the Top Player Council. January 2020 marks the beginning of Season 9 and a new Top Player Council, I would personally like to thank this iteration of TPC for their comments, they’ve been a big help in writing these articles every week - Cheers!

Tier 1

TPC Comments


Darklord will stay at Tier 1 for now or and most likely until they get hit again on the banlist. With the upcoming main box other meta decks will be facing problems and cards like Chain Disappearance and Artifact Lancea can be easily teched into Darklords. If the new decks are not able to counter Darklords, a good performance in the upcoming tournaments is expected. Don’t get confused by the average win % in formats like Clan Wars due to Darklords being a deck with a higher skill cap than other more linear meta decks.

Elementsaber Invoked is still Tier 1 but the upcoming main box could change that. Cards like Artifact Lancea can block the Fusion summon for one turn (and waste the Invocation) and a successful Chain Disappearance can decide the outcome of a whole duel. I expect that the Invoked engine will stay present on the Tier List in some way but it could drop with these new counter cards.


Darklord stays at Tier 1 as it has multiple good matchups accross the board and its one unfavorable match up is seeing less and less play due to the Floodgate Trap Hole meta. I expect that Artifact Lancea will put them in an even better spot.


Elementsaber Invoked remains Tier 1 for now but with the addition of Artifact Lancea and Chain Disappearance in the next box it is questionable if it’ll stay here for long. Lancea chained to Invocation not only stops their plays, but also makes them lose a valuable resource. Chain Disappearance basically auto-wins if resolved successfully, but it’s more risky and can be reliant on going first.

Tier 2


Ritual Beasts are the next Deck that will most likely struggle with the new main box. An early used Artifact Lancea can shut down all Ritual Beast plays for the turn and can even prevent their combo if they go first. I expect this deck to drop off the Tier List in the longterm even though individual top performances are still possible in the competitive scene.

Shiranui hold a sweet spot in the meta and could stay at Tier 2 even after the new main box. In contrast to Ritual Beast, the new releasing cards won’t hurt Shiranui that much and even an Artifact Lancea will only stall you for one turn, which is ok for Shiranui given that they have a lot of backrow to survive the following turn.


Ritual beast stays at Tier 2 but probably not for long, since Artifact Lancea can easily shut down their turn, leaving them open to get OTK’ed


I expect Ritual Beasts to be collateral damage in the wake of Artifact Lancea as it completely shuts off their plays and ends their turn.

Tier 3

TPC Comments:


With the new upcoming main box, Blackwings could rise up again. They are not really affected by Artifact Lancea except for Blackwing - Simoon the Poison Wind and if Darklords perform well Blackwings will naturally rise as their counter matchup. With Hey, Trunade! and the upcoming card The Unchosen One they are more able to play through backrow. Their problem is still the heavy flip meta so I think it will stay around Tier 2/3.

Not much has changed but I think Crystrons will continue to have a very hard time to stay on the Tier List. Only a very few players are performing well with this deck in the competitive environment and their counters aren’t getting weaker. One light in the dark might be the new Synchros in the upcoming main box. Superheavy Samurai Ogre Shutendoji could be a very good backrow removal card and Superheavy Samurai Beast Kyubi can be a very big beatstick. Superheavy Samurai Stealth Ninja is a great LV7 generic synchro they can make on the opponent’s turn and it can resummon itself on the next turn for more extended Synchro plays. Also their 0 Spells / Traps in GY restriction isn’t impossible for Crystrons to work around with Crystron Impact and continuous traps like Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror. However, despite all this I am not 100% convinced that this will help Crystrons on the Tier List.

High Potential

TPC Comments:


The new Cyber Dragon cards look powerful and seem like they actually have a good shot at landing the archetype on the Tier List this time around. Namely, the ability for Cyber Dragon Core to pull Cybernetic Overflow from the deck is a concise removal tool. Overflow encourages level diversity, meaning there’s a better chance for the card to be used in an actual Cyber Dragon deck rather than Core and Overflow being splashed in other decks. Cyberload Fusion as a follow-up can be devastating since it takes advantage of the now banished Cyber Dragon cards and cleared up field to let Chimeratech Rampage Dragon go for game. At this time I question how useful Overload Fusion will be in comparison to the other cards, but time and playtesting will tell for sure. What has to be kept in mind is that like many decks, this deck can succumb as collateral to the effect of Artifact Lancea, which is expected to be frequently used given its range of coverage.


Dark Magician is a control deck revolving around Dark Magical Circle and Magician Navigation that generates Card Advantage and disrupt their opponent’s plays during their turn. This deck definitely has a good chance at being a threat in the meta.

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