Tier List Update - December 16th

Tier 1

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This meta is basically a triangle: Elementsabers counter Blackwings, Blackwings counter Darklords and Darklords counter Elementsabers. Elementsabers are slightly better than the two other decks so that’s why Elementsabers stays Tier 1 while the other two stay Tier 2.

wayne kenoff

We continue to see the same three decks dominate the meta in the triangle: Elementsabers, Darklords and Blackwings. Although it is considered a triangle meta, Elementsabers remain on top with a slight edge above the other decks as Darklords seem to struggle countering it more than the other decks in the triangle counter their respective decks.

Tier 2


Darklords may seem like a very strong deck on the surface but its just extremely inconsistent and suffers from a weak Blackwing match-up, both holding it back and making it weaker than Elementsabers.

Tier 3

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Crystrons profit from the fact that Darklords are no longer the best deck in the meta. The deck also has reliable match-ups against some of the current Top Decks.

We’ve been in the same exact meta for weeks now so nothing has changed for Ritual Beasts either. It’s a good deck but its poor Elementsaber match up prevents this deck from thriving.

High Potential

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Autumn Leaf

Shiranui is a deck that deserves to be on the Tier List - but its placement is uncertain as of now due to the variety of builds being tested. They’re definitely a deck to look out for in the upcoming MCS.


The New Shiranui deck has a lot of potential. Due to not many Top Tier results in tournaments and team formats it won’t be tiered for this week but in the upcoming MCS top performances with different versions and spicy techs are expected. They are able to summon strong Synchro monsters like Shiranui Squiresaga and Shiranui Shogunsaga that can clear a full board. Having access to Sealed Tombs also gives it a decent Darklord matchup.


The newly added Shiranui decktype definitely has Top Tier potential. They have powerul Synchro monsters that they can easily get out. The deck is very flexible and has lot of room for tech cards. We’re keeping them at High Potential for now as they need further exploration - but they’re expected to be Tiered in the upcoming weeks.


Shiranui has been placed in Hight Potential this week as the deck is still being optimised. We have seen more aggressive builds running multiple Gold Sarcophagus and slower builds forgoing this to make room for more defensive cards like Floodgate Trap Hole etc. to make up for the deck’s lack of defence.

The fact that all the Shiranui monsters are FIRE attribute also enables the deck to throw in an Invoked package for Invoked Purgatrio, although I don’t feel this will be the optimal way to play the deck after playtesting.

I expect to see this deck perform well in the MCS this weekend and imagine it will land between Tier 2 or 3 on the next Tier List update


Shiranui will likely be Tier 2 or Tier 3 after more testing, but will be placed in High Potential for the time being. I think the Shiranui Spectralsword Shade build focusing on Shiranui Squiresaga Turn 1 with Gold Sarcophagus is nice but greatly lacking in defense and can find itself in awkward positions resource / level-wise; focusing on Shiranui Spectralsword results in a slower deck that is very reliable level-wise and has effective plays on each subsequent turn.


Shiranui is a very interesting deck with a multitude of deckbuilding options. It’s still very unrefined but it seems like the main strength of this deck is being able to access powerful synchros as well as backrow. We’ll see in the MCS which build turns out best.

wayne kenoff

Shiranui is moved to High Potential because its easy access to Synchro Summoning and flexibility of the deck. It has nice synergy within its archetype and powerful Synchro monsters. Outside of the power of the Synchro monsters; the ease of setting up your Synchro Summons with cards like Shiranui Spiritmaster, Shiranui Solitaire or the one-card Synchro in Shiranui Squire, the flexibility is there in allowing the deck to play a variety of backrow. Expect this deck to break into the meta and to top the upcoming MCS.


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The unlimit of Diamond Core of Koa’ki Meiru doesn’t help Koa’ki Meiru enough in the current meta. The deck has been powercrept enough to the point that there are better options.


Koaki Meiru just can’t keep up with the meta at the moment. It has some good cards but just doesnt work as a deck.


Koaki had no progress at all during the time it was High Potential and I believe the deck won’t work in this current meta.

wayne kenoff

With the release of Diamond Core of Koa’ki Meiru, there was expected to be more viability with the deck but so far it seems as if it the meta has powercrept too far away from Koa’ki Meiru or that the playerbase is more comfortable with the Tiered decks we have at the moment.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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