Tier List Update - December 11

Top Player Council Thoughts

With the release of Secrets of the Ancients, the Tier List remains largely unchanged. The main attractions of the new box, Armades, Keeper of Boundaries and Junk Synchron, are being explored in various decks and could overall be considered “High Potential” despite not belonging to a single deck-type.

Tier 1

Unchallenged as the best deck in Duel Links during this very diverse meta, Vampires' versatility, consistency, and speed all keep the deck solidly in Tier 1.

TPC Comments:


Vampires remain the dominant deck of the format. They are consistent and have access to all kinds of removal.

Tier 2

Banish Control

Banish Control has been promoted to Tier 2. One of the most promising ways to abuse Armades, Banish Control (which may soon simply become "Control") is a very strong deck that can answer quite a bit of the meta with its wide array of backrow cards. Additional aggression/disruption is provided by Breaker the Magical Warrior and Dust Tornado, replacing the previously-used Amazoness core. Whether the best way to play this deck is with Sealed Tombs and Wind-Up Juggler or What Grows in the Graveyard and Junk Synchron remains to be seen.

Tier 3

Ultra Athletes have been added to Tier 3, performing at a level consistent with the rest of the Tier 3 decks. The use of Paleozoic Marrella to dump U.A. Penalty Box and search U.A. Stadium is becoming universally popular, although Junk Synchron is being explored in this deck too as another strong normal summon to gain another Slugger-type monster. Usefully, Armades also gets the Stadium boost which quickly makes it even more difficult for opponents to deal with.

This week we have the Meta Weekly on 12/12 at 7pm EST and other community events throughout the week. Expect the results of these events to have a strong influence on the Tier List.

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Tier List update written by superforms.

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