Tier List Update - August 19th

Tier 1

TPC Comments

Luke Tyler

Strong performances across competitive environments suggest that Desperado should remain at Tier 1. The deck consists of a strong boss monster, powerful traps and a flexible playstyle that grant it the ability to navigate through various matchups for victory. Furthermore, the deck has a pseudo-Pot of Greed at its disposal in Cup of Ace due to the skill - Master of Destiny. This variant of Desperado has been performing well since its debut, and this is expected to continue.


Desperado is still the strongest deck at the moment. Desperado Barrel Dragon is extremely powerful and being able to abuse other strong cards such as Cup of Ace and Time Wizard make this deck very versatile and able to beat almost anything.

Tier 2

TPC Comments:


With the deck becoming Tier 1 last week, a lot more people are siding in Cosmic Cyclone and Closed Forest. Also a lot more people are maining Paleozoic Canadia and Floodgate Trap Hole. This is why Triamids are struggling in the meta.

Luke Tyler

Ancient Gear is still a good deck that has many favoured matchups in the meta. Though none of these matchups are significantly favourable when taking only the deck cores into consideration, the use of tech cards such as Floodgate Trap Hole and Paleozoic Canadia helps a lot - and these tech cards in particular are seeing more play amongst Ancient Gear decklists. The slight decline in Six Samurai popularity is also beneficial for Ancient Gear.

Blue-Eyes has adapted to the new meta to better handle Desperado and with less orientation on the Six Samurai matchup. Some deck building trends that would suggest this are in an increase in spells & traps in decklists. Some players are also revisiting Share the Pain in their Blue-Eyes decks.

Cyberdark remain at Tier 2. With many utilising Desperado Barrel Dragon, the deck is able to prove troublesome for many of its matchups in the format. Even the unfavourable matchups in the format for Cyberdark can be overcome by drawing above average hands that can pump out enough damage to clock the opponent into closing the game out before it’s too late. Strong performances from Cyberdark are expected to continue over the upcoming week.

Six Samurai adapted to the Forbidden and Limited restrictions quite fast. The deck is still able to put out strong fields of threats, but less frequently. In regards to deck-building trends, the popular builds of Six Samurai currently tend to be using many backrow.

Spellbook remains at Tier 2. Spellbook of Fate is still a searchable solid removal card. Though still a strong deck with multiple favoured matchups in the format, the deck feels like it needs to use tech cards to combat some decks in the meta such as Desperado - which can interfere with its consistency. Nevertheless, this isn’t always the case and Spellbooks is still proving its strength as it stands as the oldest deck on the Tier List.

Triamid returns to Tier 2 status after its underperformance the previous week. Though definitely a strong and top tier deck, it was evidently unable to thrive under the noticeable increase of Cosmic Cyclone usage. Good performances from the deck are expected over the upcoming week, but not to the consistent standards of a Tier 1 deck.

Vendread’s initial week of legality went rather well for them, proving that they certainly are capable of being a Top Tier contender amongst the format. The deck boasts a lot of strengths in the plays it makes and has multiple strong monsters and ritual spells at its disposal. More good performances from Vendread in the upcoming week are to be expected.


Blue-Eyes has adapted their build to the new meta, focusing less on Six Samurai and more on Desperado, primarily by running more traps and Share the Pain.

Six Sams were able to adapt very quickly to the new banlist. They are a little more inconsistent but still just as powerful, easily able to overwhelm their opponents with Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En supported by backrow.

With Triamids being a bigger target now they weren’t able to keep up their strong results, as more and more people side counter cards vs them, mainly Cosmic Cyclone.


Six Samurai, even after 2 nerfs, has proven to be one of the best decks of the format. Semi-Limiting Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi made the deck less oppressive and also reduced the rate at which they are able to set-up Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En on Turn 1 because most builds tend to play 1 Shien’s Dojo and 1 Enishi. It definitely remains a solid choice in tournaments and the ladder

Triamids could not keep up with the label of Tier 1 with the increase in specific hate in the main and side; it remains the best control deck of the format but the demotion is well deserved

Tier 3

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

Crystrons have been seeing a slight increase in popularity, which may have been influenced by the attention it was given by some World Championship Competitiors (despite being mainly used as a Legendary Deck). It has been performing rather well, hence its promotion to Tier 3 status.

That Grass Looks Greener is an incredibly powerful spell in Magnet Warriors that can generate an insane amount of advantage from the resolution of a single card. Most people are choosing to use Switcheroo (with Cosmic Cyclone) to return bricks to the deck in hopes to pull a stronger card back in exchange. Block Dragon is also very strong, especially against decks that have troubles dealing with it - like Triamid and Ancient Gear. The destruction protection is also very useful against Desperado.

Subterror remains at Tier 3. It is still a strong deck that sees top cut appearances and good representation. Subterror benefits from the increase in Desperado users. In regards to deck-building trends, most players are choosing to use the Labyrinth Builder variants. Deep Sea Diva is a tech card used in some Labyrinth Builder versions in order to summon Crystron Quariongandrax and Black Rose Dragon.


After Worlds repopularized Crystrons the deck was quickly able to get some good results over the past week. We’ll have to see if it’s able to keep this up or if it was just the surprise factor.


TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

There is a lack of highly favoured matchups in the meta for Metaphys to thrive off. The deck can sometimes be overwhelmed by the opponent due to the speed its engine lacks. It is definitely forseeable that Metaphys could return to the meta as a strong rogue deck, but for the time being demotion seems to be the way forward.


Metaphys just isn’t strong enough to do well consistently. Oftentimes you will just get overwhelmed by your opponent as your engine is just too slow.


Metaphys has lost some of the better matchups in terms of representation in tournaments thus the struggle to perform in community events. It is still a good deck and it will surely have a chance in the future as a rogue deck but as of now there’s no reason to keep it on the Tier List.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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