Tier List Update - August 13th

This Tier List is post Curse of Dread and the recent Forbidden / Limited List

Tier 1

TPC Comments

Luke Tyler

Triamid rises to Tier 1 due to its recognition as a versatile control strategy. The deck is well equipped for a variety of matchups across the board, making it a strong choice to take into a tournament environment. In addition, Triamid has an arsenal of powerful trap cards at its disposal - making it a threat to be reckoned with. In terms of weaknesses, Triamid can be prone to disruption when going second if their hand isn’t strong enough to follow up or recover from the opponent’s push. Cosmic Cyclone can be a big issue for Triamid when the rest of said player’s hand is also good. Strong performances from Triamid over the upcoming week are expected.

Desperado decks have continued to perform exceptionally well in the competitive scene. The deck has access to a powerful boss monster in Desperado Barrel Dragon and is backed up by strong tech cards such as World Legacy Clash and Paleozoic Canadia. Furthermore, the decks have access to a pseudo-Pot of Greed due to the skill Master of Destiny. Overall, Desperado is a solid deck in the format utilising various removal cards. It’s trend in strong tournament finishes is expected to continue.


Master of Destiny Desperado has been seing so much sucess recently, it has perks no other deck has, solid draw power, solid removal as well as dodge cards with World Legacy Clash (it can also be used aggressively), the deck can deal with most of the meta and can easily adjust to it due to its 6-7 flex spots

Triamids no longer worrying about Six Samurai has made this deck even more of a threat now, it has little to no bad matchups in the meta at the moment, but it’s still susceptible to disruption of course. It also has so much room for flex spots which can help boost whatever’s a threat to this deck.

Tier 2

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

Ancient Gears remains at Tier 2. The deck has some good matchups in the format and it benefits from the decline in Six Samurai popularity. It has become relatively common for the deck to use Paleozoic Canadia as a tech card, though there are various other backrow options that Ancient Gear users like to play.

Blue-Eyes has been struggling since Desperado’s release. This is because Desperado Barrel Dragon is an issue for Blue-Eyes to deal with. Furthermore, Blue-Eyes strongly benefited from the large representations of Six Samurai. As a result, the increasing popularity of Desperado decks and the declining popularity of Six Samurai decks have lead to Blue-Eyes being in an awkward position amongst the meta. It is still a good deck with a lot going for it, but it is expected to perform and appear in smaller numbers.

Cyberdark remains at Tier 2. The deck is still well-represented and used by many. In terms of recent deck-building trends, there are more Cyberdark decks using Destiny Draw and less Cyberdark decks using Desperado Barrel Dragon.

Spellbooks remain at Tier 2. Spellbook of Fate is still a searchable solid removal card. Though still a strong deck with multiple favoured matchups in the format, the deck feels like it needs to use tech cards to combat some decks in the meta such as Desperado - which can interfere with its consistency.


Blue-Eyes has been struggling to stay viable ever since the release of Desperado Barrel Dragon, as it has given them 2 drastically bad matchups (Desperado and Cyberdarks). In addition, what was keeping them viable recently was Six Samurais since they were a very popular deck in tourneys, it can still be a strong meta call, but it wont take the scene as often as it used to

Spellbooks rightfully remain Tier 2. It’s not as strong anymore with the rising popularity of Desperado decks which force the deck to have to main tech cards, which mess up its consistency and can backfire very easily, to keep up with their pressure. Aside from Desperado decks, however, Spellbooks can deal with the rest of the meta without much difficulty

Tier 3

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

Magnet Warriors continue to prove that it is a strong contender in the format. That Grass Looks Greener is an incredibly powerful spell that can generate an insane amount of advantage from the resolution of a single card. Most people are choosing to use Switcheroo (with Cosmic Cyclone) to return bricks to the deck in hopes to pull a stronger card back in exchange. Block Dragon is also very strong, especially against decks that have troubles dealing with it - like Triamid. Further strong performances from Magnet Warriors in the coming week are anticipated.

Metaphys is still a good deck in the format, despite not being very highly represented. It is able to overwhelm a variety of matchups across the meta. Metaphys is able to cycle through its resources in order to both generate advantage and deal with established threats. In terms of deck-building trends, it is likely that Sealed Tombs may be a skill that Metaphys players consider, though might not be the skill that becomes standard for the deck.

With this banlist enforced Six Samurai are prompted to adopt slightly different lists, most likely resorting to a single copy each of Shien’s Dojo and Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi. The deck is not perceived to be extinguished from the meta by any means - it is still a strong deck competent of constructing overwhelming end boards, the banlist just makes this happen less frequently. Six Samurai is expected to be seen with noticeably smaller representations in upcoming events. Possible deck-building trends could include people revisiting Asceticism of the Six Samurai. Though many will likely remain using Light and Dark.

Subterror continues to be decently represented throughout competitions and consistently finishes in the Top Cut. In regards to deck-building trends, most players are choosing to use the Labyrinth Builder variants. Deep Sea Diva is a tech card used in some Labyrinth Builder versions in order to summon Crystron Quariongandrax and Black Rose Dragon.


Despite the recent banlist, Six Samurai can still be played in multiple ways. Some examples are Light and Dark, Asceticism of the Six Samurai or even Balance. If you choose to go for consistency over power then you’d play 2 Shien’s Dojo and replace Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi with cards which can try to replace it such has Hand of the Six Samurai or The Six Samurai - Zanji. With 1 Dojo and 1 Enishi you less Turn 1 Synchro summons so you’ll have to build your deck to be able to play without relying on Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En.

High Potential

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

Vendread is the ritual deck from the new box. There are various ways of playing the deck - making it hard to accurately determine how well the deck will do in its initial week of legality, and hard to pinpoint where it would fall on the Tier List (if at all) when optimised. A Vendread Ritual monster summoned using Vendread Revenants forms a boss monster that is a huge threat for special summon-orientated decks such as Magnet Warrior. It is very possible that Vendread could be a Tiered deck, though it may take time to provide an accurate view on whether that is the case or not.


Vendreads can be very strong once set up, but may suffer from consistency issues or being easily countered. High Potential.


Vendreads are a Ritual-focused archetype whose main line of play is to give their Ritual monsters quick-effects to banish their opponent’s cards. The Vendread Ritual monsters – mainly Revendread Slayer – also float into additional resources when destroyed, often giving strong follow-up plays if their original monsters are dealt with (or die because of Revendread Evolution). Vendread Nights offers considerable consistency boosting and the cost of pitching a card to the grave is mitigated by the unique ability of the Vendread Ritual spells to summon from the graveyard.

It’s hard to predict exactly where Vendreads will end up in the meta but the quick-effects to banish are extremely strong. Consistency is a major concern with only 6 Ritual spells, so Sonic Bird may see play. Additionally, Level Duplication vs Master of Rites II will be interesting to explore, trading more reliable and versatile turn 1 plays for the potential lockdown provided by Revendread Executor + Ritual Cage. (A similar set-up can be accomplished by double Executor, reminiscent of the old double Dyna, Hero Fur Hire lock.) Finally, more niche cards like Vendread Battlelord for turning off effects, Vendread Core for targeting protection, and Vendread Anima for late-game recycling (which could also help vs Spellbooks, Metaphys, and the mirror) should be explored as well. Synchro plays could also be incorporated with Glow-Up Bloom since Slayer + Bloom makes Black Rose Dragon while giving a strong follow-up and potential OTK.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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