New Banlist! Tier List Update

This is the first Tier List after the Banlist Annoucement, which was in effect for MCS XXXIII.


This Tier List update comes shortly after Witchcrafter Holiday being added to the banlist. As a number of TPC members use tournament results to inform their Tier List evaluations, the lack of data has resulted in a lack of consensus as to what decks are good or not post-banlist. The only deck that was agreed to be Tier 1 by a majority vote was Invoked Neos, however, even Invoked Neos is similar to the other Tier 2 decks in power level. A few members have expressed the idea that there might be no Tier 1 decks at the moment and Neos should be placed with the other Tier 2 strategies, but accomodations were made to avoid the potential uproar from having no Tier 1 decks. Going forward, expect the Tier 1 and Tier 2 decks to be more fluid, as they all have inherent weaknesses that prevent them from standing above the other strategies. Neos struggles against battle traps, Blackwings struggle against interruptions, Witchcrafter struggles against removal, Blue-Eyes struggles against otk strategies, and Shiranui and Elementsabers struggle against strategies that can eat through their resources.

Tier 1


While Invoked Neos isn’t necessarily the most flashy deck, it has been performing consistently as of late, taking many Top Cut spots in the MCS. With a good enough hand and the right tech cards, Invoked Neos has the potential to win against any deck, given their ability to use strong traps like Karma Cut and Ultimate Providence while still maintaining advantage. However, the deck seems to lack great ways to play around battle Traps like Wall of Disruption, which may spell disaster as more and more people start to Side with Invoked Neos in mind. That being said, results indicate that Invoked Neos belongs in Tier 1, for the time being.

Tier 2

TPC Comments


Invoked Neos being the most popular and best performing deck alongside Elementsabers making a comeback in force are what made Blackwings go down to Tier 2, the inability of this deck to play through backrow without drawing specific tech cards is a real problem in a format dominated by Trap cards and Flip Down effects.

The most recent banlist reduced Witchcrafter’s consistency by a good margin making it lose its Tier 1 status. Despite this it will still have good matchups against slower decks because of the ability that this deck has to generate resources.


Witchcrafter has been demoted to Tier 2 after the most recent banlist (Witchcrafter Holiday went to 3 which conflicts with Charge of the Light Brigade). Prior to the banlist, most players would agree that Witchcrafter was the best deck and very deserving of Tier 1. However, the meta is now in a very awkward state with a bunch of decent decks but nothing really sticking out (outside of maybe Invoked Neos)

Witchcrafter is still very good but lost some power and consistency in a deck that already had some consistency issues. Players have simply adapted by running 2 Charge of the Light Brigade, 1 Witchcrafter Holiday, 1-2 Witchcrafter Patronus, and more copies of other Witchcrafter spells. This works pretty fine and although the deck did quite terrible during the MCS (only 1 out of 14 participants were able to get into top 32), it will probably perform better in future events as players find more optimal builds.

While getting back to its Tier 1 status is tough, the deck should remain solid at tier 2 as it is still very decent. Prior to the banlist, many decks in the meta were teching a lot for Witchcrafter. Cards like Karma Cut (main deck), Chain Disappearance (side deck), and Last Day of a Witch (side deck) were commonly played. It is possible that players will slowly begin to tech less for Witchcrafter and this can crucial for its success. An example of this is if Elementsabers (the deck that won the MCS) becomes very popular, then players may not necessarily want Karma Cuts in main deck as it can be pretty mediocre in that matchup.


After the recent banlist one of the most effective Elementsaber counters in Witchcrafter took a big hit. This hit doesnt mean that Elementsabers have the upper hand in the matchup, but it is enough to push down the numbers of Witchcrafters in tournaments, specially in Top Cut. Invoked Neos being the most played deck in tournaments also a welcomed trend for Elementsabers. Invoked-Neos has a hard time outing Invoked Cocytus while it’s boosted by Palace of the Elemental Lords and protected by heavy backrow. Specifically for this matchup, players started to side Wall of Disruption, which alone can decide duels if the Invoked Neos player is attacking carelessly. The banlist totally changed the meta in favour of Elementsabers, and as long as other decks don’t target them too hard with Side Deck cards, such as Non-Fusion Area or Artifact Lancea, they will remain as a very strong and popular meta deck.

Tier 3

TPC Comments


As we head into a backrow-heavy meta, where the most popular strategies use a wide variety of Trap Cards, Masked HERO-s have started to get more and more popular. HEROs, with their aggressive playstyle, can easily find a way to OTK their opponents trough multiple Traps. Once the backrow is cleared, Vision HERO Trinity can punish any deck for leaving monsters in ATK position. This shift in the meta has helped HEROs come back once again, but the deck still has its problems. The deck still has a very weak Turn 1, and it lacks defensive plays, and once the opposing decks survives a big push of HEROs, it’s really easy to punish them with cards like Invoked Purgatrio, Crystron Quariongandrax or Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower. Thanks to the backrow-heavy meta, HEROs haven been promoted to Tier 3.

Removed From Tier List


Despite some ahem confident claims from TPC, Infernity ended up leaning heavily on the Infernity Inferno Skill, essentially turning into an explosive OTK deck that aims to survive until Turn 3/4 to pop off, being able to OTK essentially any deck as long as its plays went unhindered. Unfortunately, this OTK deck became too heavily reliant on drawing blow-out cards like Heat Wave and Hey, Trunade! to perform consistently within tournaments, and has consqeuently been left off the Tier List for the time being.

TPC Comments


Weather Painter is the new control deck from Infernity Destruction box, unfortunately after more than a week since the realese this deck hasn’t found a spot on the Tier List; the best thing about Weather Painters is its consistency thanks to Balance, although it’s not enough in this meta. Blackwings and Dark Magician are huge problems for Weather Painthers. Blackwings’ OTK potential with Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower, Cosmic Cyclone and Blackbird Close are too much for the usual Weather Painter hand. Dark Magician doesn’t care at all about the best archetypal Weather Painter card in The Weather Thundery Canvas and with Magician Navigation they can easily dodge backrow and push for game. Aside from its basically unwinnable matchups, Weather Painters have decent to good matchups against most other decks such as Elementsabers, Shiranui, Gouki, be and Invoked Neos, since they’re backrow decks and Weather Painters don’t really care about them with their Quick-Effect dodging. Additionally, cards like Necrovalley and Thundery Canvas when combinder are just too good to be stopped.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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