Tier List Update - August 5th

Tier 1

TPC Comments

Luke Tyler

Six Samurai remains at Tier 1 due it’s good representations and performances. The deck has access to a lot of strong tech and engine cards. Six Samurai has decent matchups across the board - which is useful in such a diverse format. It will likely perform well in upcoming competitions, alongside being a common pick for many World Championship participants’ standard decks.

Tier 2

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

Ancient Gears have multiple strong matchups in the format, and it has been performing quite well recently in the competitive scene. The deck is expected to perform well in upcoming events. In terms of recent deck building trends, many Ancient Gear decks are using multiple Paleozoic Canadia because it is a flexible tech card that holds value against matchups across the board.

The Desperado decks utilising Master of Destiny have been getting a fair amount of attention, performing well in the competitive scene. The deck has good draw power in a pseudo Pot of Greed, and an arsenal of useful spot removal at its disposal too. Some choose to adopt a Neos Fusion variant, while others prefer using more backrow.

Triamid remains to be a top tier contender as a powerful control deck backed up by various useful trap cards. Paired with Balance, Triamid has unrivalled consistency in the format. It benefits from the popularity of Desperado decks - being well equipped for them with Triamid Fortress and Triamid Kingolem. Strong results from Triamid in upcoming events are anticipated.


With the introduction of Desperado Barrel Dragon, Cyberdark initially received a boost, however, as more people started adapting to the change and learned how to play around it the deck got slightly weaker. It is still a top contender in this meta though.

Tier 3

TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

Subterror returns to the meta, with a majority of variants using Labyrinth Builder. The deck has a poor Ancient Gear matchup, but it benefits from Desperado decks being popular. Subterror can also hold their own against Six Samurai. Subterror Behemoth Umastryx remains to be a very powerful monster, and 2700 DEF is not an easy threshold to meet for many decks. It is also worth mentioning that there is a Trap monster build of the deck using Draw Sense: Low-Level: 3 Behemoths, 6 Trap monsters and the rest as filler backrow - but Labyrinth Builder versions are the ones seeing the most success and representation in the competitive scene at the moment.

Magnet Warrior returns to Tier 3 due to its solid performances as of recent. It hasn’t been highly represented, but those using the deck have done very well with it. This trend would suggest that more people will use the deck in the upcoming week, and further good results from the deck are anticipated. That Grass Looks Greener is an incredibly powerful spell that can generate an insane amount of advantage from the resolution of a single card. Most people are choosing to use Switcheroo (with Cosmic Cyclone) to return bricks to the deck in hopes to pull a stronger card back in exchange.


Subterrors have shown great success this past MCS. Thanks to Labyrinth Builder and the Neos engine, the deck still has unfair combos and can set up extremely powerful Turn 1 fields. It is generally more vulnerable and less consistent right now though.

Magnets did very well this past MCS. Thanks to MiguelJokers new and improved 30 card build more and more people are doing well with this deck. It does have some bad match-ups in the meta like Six Sams but can also outgrind a lot of other decks, making this a decent choice at the moment.


TPC Comments:

Luke Tyler

Red-Eyes faces demotion due to its severe under-performance and under-representation as of recent. It is evident that Red-Eyes struggles against a few decks right now and it doesn’t have enough good matchups to thrive off of in this diverse meta. Nevertheless, it is still a good deck with powerful cards but until it proves itself in the competitive scene once more demotion seems to be appropriate.

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Tier List update written by Jadehex.

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