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Tier List Update - April 17th, 2018

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Top Player Council Thoughts

  • Although we had no competitive side-deck events this week, the KC Cup was still a strong test of the top-tier decks and we have adjusted the tier list accordingly.

Tier 1

  • The Tier 1 decks have all proved themselves conclusively at this point, absolutely dominating the KC cup after strong representation in MCS VII last week. Masked Heroes have insane draw power and flexibility, Geargias have access to one of the strongest turn 1 boards in the game (Ties of the Brethren + Pulse Mines), and Sylvans got a new toy in Grit, allowing their strong comeback and special summoning mechanics to shine. Of these, Geargias are the closest to Tier 2.

    • TPC comments on Masked Heroes: “HEROs have proven to be versatile and powerful, with the Fusion build consistently setting up Destiny HERO - Celestial every turn to easily draw into those Mask Changes and being able to explode into an OTK out of nowhere. This solidifies this deck as a solid Tier 1 deck.”

    • TPC comments on Geargias: “Geargias are extremely strong, and is probably the strongest deck going first. However, it falls flat when it doesn’t pull Ties on turn 1, and drawing the second and third copies is a huge momentum killer. It is also overly reliant on going first, as going second in the Sylvan match-up can mean quick death.”

    • TPC comments on Sylvans: “Sylvans are sill a huge problem and with Grit becoming so popular in the KC cup, there’s another layer of RNG to deal with. The deck matches up well against Geargias and it can hold its own against HEROs if they don’t draw Forbidden Chalice.”

Tier 2

  • Archfiends have been promoted to Tier 2, following the KC Cup (and our predictions from last week). Although it was not a side-deck event, the KC Cup proved that of the non-Tier 1 decks, Archfiends are one of the very few that can hang with the dominant decks of the meta. Consistency remains an issue, but having lockdown cards like Invader of Darkness against HEROs is very valuable.

    • TPC comments “Archfiends have proven to be very strong in the meta, having a favorable match-up against basically all of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 decks. Sylvans get destroyed and HEROs find it hard to beat over a 3000 ATK Emperor without ECon (and Invader of Darkness can be teched in to completely dominate that match-up). Geargias hate the hard removal of Emperor and find it hard to deal with Cavalry and Empress. The main weakness of the deck is consistency, but this is honestly one of the best decks right now.”

Tier 3

  • Water SSA has been demoted to Tier 3, also following our predictions from last week. Its usage has fallen off a cliff and the deck is generally outpaced by the current top decks.

    • TPC comments “SSA is still a strong pick in the meta, being able to counter Sylvans and having a good match up against Geargias with the right techs. Citadel Whale is still incredibly hard to answer without counters like Cosmic Cyclone which has severely dropped in popularity. However SSA has taken a big hit in usage due to the newer decks being faster and more consistent to an extent. I still think this deck has a place in tournament play but more as a meta pick than the centralizing force that it once was.”

  • Aliens have also been demoted to Tier 3 because despite a strong HERO match-up, the deck struggles significantly with Sylvans and Geargias.

    • TPC comments “Aliens are still strong, consistent, and have the tools to deal with most decks. However being a battle-oriented deck in a meta with a lot of hard removal is difficult, and Alien Warrior’s effect isn’t going to be resolving as much as it used to. Geargias and Sylvans both give this deck a hard time which keeps it out of Tier 2 for me right now.”

  • Red-Eyes Zombies have been demoted to Tier 3 as well, capping off the demotion of the entirety of last week’s Tier 2. Like SSA this deck has simply been outpaced, although its small engine means that it can still side better than most other decks.

    • TPC comments “Used to be able to get out the strongest boards in the fastest time, but has just been outpaced massively. It isn’t possible for them to keep up the consistency in their engine while also using enough techs to beat the new best decks.” and “Honestly this deck is completely outclassed by Masked HEROs now which has a very similar play-style but a much higher ceiling.”

  • Cyber Angels have remained in Tier 3 despite also being able to abuse Grit in the KC cup. They trade consistency for the ability to (almost) guarantee survival in the early game, allowing them to apply pressure more slowly while building card advantage.

    • TPC comments “Cyber Angels with Grit are too strong; they avoid even a Trinity OTK and Grit covers their biggest weaknesses. Also strong vs Sylvans, Geargias, and Archfiends.”

  • Gaia Plate Magnets stay in place in Tier 3 again this week, still holding their own in the meta due to their speed and built-in “protection” from monster removal (mainly the threat of a Valkyrion coming out after destroying a Delta).

    • TPC comments “Magnets are extremely explosive and can throw up huge boss monsters that are quite difficult for a deck like HEROs to deal with. I feel that this deck is better than REZ right now due to its speed and access to Gaia Plate and Valkyrion.”

  • This week we have the Meta Weekly on 4/18 and the DLP Weekly on 4/19. In addition we had DLO #6 earlier today. The results of these tournaments have a strong influence on the tier list.

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