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    Version 2.0 of the Gem Guide is here! You guys gave a ton of incredibly helpful feedback on the first version of the guide and I’ve implemented a lot of changes based on your comments.

    • The guide now recommends a deck, based on how accessible/strong all decks on the Tier List are. The rest of the decks are ranked by price. These prices are for fully optimized versions, and the recommended deck has its price split into core vs techs, so you can see what’s important to go for right away and what’s not. Decks that cost real money are ranked higher price-wise, at a rate of $1 = 500 gems. (For example, the EX Structure Deck that costs $18 effectively has 9k gems added to its price.) Thanks to /u/broke_and_famous for the price ranking suggestion last time.
    • Card trends are now shown on the gem guide, indicating which cards are rising/falling in usage amongst KoG/tournament-winning decklists. This feature will soon come to the deck-type pages as well.
    • Many updates have been made to minor details on the page, including pointing out when things cost money (all structure decks, basically) and hiding sets that may be confusing for a new player (like showing HERO Rising with Poly). If you see anything at all that could use some extra polish on this page, please let me know. Forbidden/Limited icons now show on all cards on the Gem Guide (this is actually something I implemented site-wide), so you can immediately know what cards are even legal when planning your purchasing decisions.

    Still to come on the website are full statistical breakdowns for each deck on the deck-type pages.
    Here is a sample of how it could look like:

    “What should I get with my Dream Ticket?”
    The Top Staples section is where you want to look first. This section shows all cards that are used in top decks, ranked by how many top decks they’re used in. Right now, the top UR staples are Cosmic Cyclone, Paleozoic Canadia, and Sphere Kuriboh (in that order). You could either go after one of those, go after something archetype-specific like Gozuki for Vampires, or simply wait for a future meta.

    Hope you guys enjoy the guide, and I hope it’s helpful as you decide what to take with your new Dream Ticket! Let me know if you have any other suggestions for things we can do with the Gem Guide or the site as a whole.

    Also big thanks to Maggi64 for all the help getting this up and running :)

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