5 Billion Duels Campaign!


In celebration of 5 BILLION Duels in Duel Links, players will receive:

  • 500 Gems for logging in
  • Tickets for logging in each day!
  • A Mission to play 5 PvP Duels for a Skill Ticket
  • A lottery to win up to 5000 Gems!

Log-In Rewards

Day Reward
1 Prismatic UR Ticket
2 Glossy UR Dream Ticket
3 Prismatic SR Ticket
4 UR Ticket
5 Glossy SR Ticket
6 SR Ticket


On top of all that, players will be voting for a Popularity Poll for their favourite Ace Monster and their favourite Archetype, the winners will receive Card Sleeves, Game Mat, and an Icon that will be given to ALL Players!

What are your thoughts on the campaign? Do you like free things? Comment down Below!

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