Ranked Duels Rewards: May 2021


Ranked Duels have been Revamped!

  • Legend 4 and 5 Ranks have been added!
  • Get Gems every time you win a Duel.
  • Each rank now goes up to 7.
  • You are no longer demoted for losing.

You’ll get Gems every time you win a duel, up to 50 Wins. After that, you’ll get Card Tickets every 5 and 10 wins instead.

New Cards Added

New Ranked Duel Tickets rewards are now available!

Duel Links Card: Cat%20Girl
Duel Links Card: Stray%20Cat%20Girl

Old Cards Added

Rewards from previous events have been added to Ranked Duels Ticket Rewards!

Duel Links Card: Exodia%20Necross
Duel Links Card: Merciful%20Machine%20Angel
Duel Links Card: Chain%20Destruction
Duel Links Card: Contract%20with%20Exodia

Ranked Duels Ticket Rewards

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Ranked Victories Ticket Rarity
5 N
10 R
15 N
20 N (Glossy)
25 SR
30 R
35 N (Glossy)
40 R (Glossy)
45 R
50 SR
75 SR (Glossy)
100 UR

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