Deck-Tester Updated



The DLM deck-tester has been updated!

New features

  • Added animations while dueling and in replays.
  • Added support for duel quizzes. Create a quiz through the “Quiz” tab in the “Save” modal, then share with other players. Quiz solutions can be saved as replays and 2-deck quizzes can even be used by non-DLM Pro members.
  • Added the /mill X, /banish X, and /draw X commands. Like /calc, these can all be shortened to their first letter (/m 5, etc.). Additionally, /banish allows you to specify the position. For example, in paying the cost of Golden Castle of Stromberg you can type /b 10 face-down.
  • Added card filters to the card search with the filter icon .
  • Added an explanation on how to use the hand statistics calculator with the help icon .


  • You can now build decks immediately without clicking on “New”. Auto-save is enabled as soon as that deck is saved.
  • The “Save & Test” button on top deck pages will now auto-save the deck and immediately load it in the “Duel” tab. These buttons have also been added to the deck-type pages and will be added to tournament reports in the future.

Please let us know in the comments below if you find any bugs or have any issues!

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