Duel Links 4th Anniversary Campaign


In celebration of the 4th anniversary of Duel Links, Konami is giving away awesome rewards to players who logged during the campaign.

A card with the new foil rarity Legend will be given away to all players!


Duel Links Card: Blue-Eyes%20Alternative%20White%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Blue-Eyes%20White%20Dragon
Day Reward
Day 1 UR Ticket (Prismatic)
Day 2 UR Dream Ticket (Glossy)
Day 3 SR Ticket (Prismatic)
Day 4 SR Dream Ticket (Glossy)
Day 5 UR Ticket (Glossy)
Day 6 SR Ticket (Glossy)
Day 7 UR Ticket
Day 8 SR Ticket

What are your thoughts on the campaign? Do you like free things? Comment down Below!

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