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$500 Clan Wars Tournament

Read the report to check out the tournament winning team and the decks they used to beat the competition!

How To Join Clan Wars

  • Clan Wars officially starts August 20th!
  • Create or join a Clan to compete for the current prize support of $2550!
  • If you have any questions you can message Gia Joestar#7730 on Discord for help to join/create a Clan!

Current Sponsors

Tournament Information

  • This will be the first ever Clan Wars tournament to celebrate the start of season 1. Entry is free for all clans with a prize pool of $500 to compete for, sponsored by Dkayed and Gia Joestar!
  • Saturday 11th August, 3pm EST - watch on Twitch!
  • You can still create a Clan to join this tournament and also play for $THOUSANDS in the regular season!


  • 20 clans (5 - 15 players in each clan).
  • 5 vs 5 from each clan, 3 match wins to win the fixture.
  • 5 rounds then top cut.
  • Can substitute players each round.
  • Best of 3:
    • 2 deck format, must win with both decks.
    • Unique skill and character, 3 card limit between decks.
    • No side decks.


Clan Logo 1%


Clan Logo Chillin with Chilah

Chillin with Chilah

Clan Logo Kuribandits


Clan Logo Pharaohs


Clan Logo The Immortals

The Immortals

Clan Logo 3 Kings

3 Kings

Clan Logo Creeping Death

Creeping Death

Clan Logo Latin Meta

Latin Meta

Clan Logo Qutie Pies

Qutie Pies

Clan Logo The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

Clan Logo ADL Extra Credit

ADL Extra Credit

Clan Logo Faceless Duelists

Faceless Duelists

Clan Logo Meta Breakers

Meta Breakers

Clan Logo Sun


Clan Logo Warafuzake


Clan Logo Bricks and Potatoes

Bricks and Potatoes

Clan Logo Forbidden Ones

Forbidden Ones

Clan Logo Murder Inc

Murder Inc

Clan Logo TCG


Clan Logo X-Hunters


You can ask any questions or voice your hype in the comments below!

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