About: Played the TCG casually during the early old school Chaos format and stopped after the Nekroz format, mostly on Dueling Network and at my locals.
Proud manager of team Creeping Death. You'll often find me in Twitch Chat attempting to get Dkayed's attention before he misplays or being an overall memer.
I can only be contacted through delivery pigeon and on discord at Yehhey#1348.

  • I've won:
  • MCS 17
  • Duel Links Open #3
  • PDS Holiday & #7
  • X-Gains #3
  • And the Konami Duel Links Box from Dkayed.
  • I Topped a bunch of other stuff last season including an MCS and several other community events
  • I'm Happy to help anyone who is new to the game.