Yami Hammy

About: I'm from the UK, studying BSc Mathematics at university. Duel Links reignited my passion for Yu-Gi-Oh, bringing back all the nostalgia and spurred me to join the best Duel Links community - Duel Links Meta! I haven't competed in any community tournaments due to the constrictions on my time by university and website stuff but I hope to in future. I’ve rewatched all episodes of Duel Monsters (and YGOTAS!), GX and 5D’s. I'm a huge movie/TV buff, just finished watching Westworld season 2.
If you need help with anything or have questions feel free to message or ping me in the Discord 😄

  • I've been playing Duel Links consistently since the European release in January 2017 - 578 consecutive days!
  • I joined as a 'Content Creator' on the website team and I'm now a Content Manager/Graphic Artist/Deck Submitter - started from the bottom now we here!
  • I've reached King of Games over ten times and I finally got my 10x icon in the April season! I still remember getting KoG for the first time with Mako Levia-Dragon - Daedalus, when no one knew what the toggle was, having even one Enemy Controller was rare and the meta was much simpler! :D
  • I love swimming, I used to be a qualified lifeguard.

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