About: Hi, everyone, I'm Trevor Noble, but more commonly known as Tnobes. I am 20 years old, and am currently going to University in Vancouver, Canada to study Mathematics. I got introduced to Yu-Gi-Oh at a young age, and then played competitively in the TCG from 2012-2015. Since then, I took a break from the game until I stumbled across Duel Links during June of 2018. I now reside as a competitive Duel Links player on Team Phoenix, where we compete in Team Wars and Clan Wars. Some other things that you should know about me are that I mentor teenagers at my church, I tutor students in mathematics, and I have also written the Mermail and the Desperado guide for DLM's website! My messages are open to anyone who is looking for deck help or just wanting to chat!

  • Top 4 of Team Wars Season 4
  • Top 10 NA of KC November 2018
  • 1st Place DLCS #1
  • Top 16 DLE Damage Step #1
  • Top 8 HHC NA #1
  • Multiple Tops in Community Tournaments
  • Desperado Deck Expert for DLM
  • Deck Type Expert

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