About: 26 years old from south Germany. I played the tcg semi competitive with my friends back in the days and came to Duel Links for nostalgia. I stayed for the great community, events and competitive scene. My favourite tcg decks were Gladiators and D-Heroes, maybe thats the reason I enjoyed them in Duel Links too, especially pre nerf Fusion Heroes(rip Trinity crush PepeHands). Also a shoutout to all my friends in the community, especially my team members from Animal Plays, love you all!

Interviews: Accomplishments:
  • A few tourney wins like Meta Weekly 55
  • Will Cup 3.5 or DLC-Weekly 11
  • Multiple tops in MCS
  • Meta Weekly
  • DLPT Weekly and other community tourneys
  • Top 8 Clan Wars Season 1
  • Top 16 Team Wars Season 3