About: 25 year old Belgian (Flemish) student currently studying Astrophysics in France, Toulouse. Played the TCG with friends when I was 14 years old, with my favorite archetype being Ancient Gears. Started playing Duel Links when it was released worldwide with the goal of one day being able to play with Ancient Gears online against many other people. Wanted to help out as a Deck Submitter just to give a little bit back to this wonderful community that Dkayed and Gia created!

  • 12+ months in a row KoG
  • Top 250 finish in Nov (2017) KC Cup
  • 577 consecutive days played
  • Avid PvE farmer owning every event card 3 times and having obtained almost every skill for each character
  • Most unlucky player with the screenshots to prove it!

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