'The Italian Rich Weeb' - General Chat.
I'm a collector, not a hoarder. I must own everything a game can offer, even if it requires being a massive whale.
Playing Duel Links since day 1 in EU, I still try to KoG with Harpies (rip my grills).
IT Manager during the day, weeb during the night. Just don't talk with me about football and we're cool.

Nerd is the new Chic.

  • Leader and founder of the 1% Clan, a exclusive luxury clan for top-tier players with expensive taste in cards
  • Moderator for over a year for DLM
  • King of whales (3x of every box since day 1)
  • Owner of every mat/sleeve/icon unlockable in EU
  • One of the biggest sponsors of MCS along with Justin, Night Raider, and Kempington
  • Never been shadowrealmed