Max K

About: Hello! My Name is Max, I'm 29 years old and from Germany. I have been playing Duel Links since April 2018 and I've played the TCG from release in 2002 until Autumn 2018. I love participating in Tournaments and Team Events. My passion has always been building the best Decks and strategies and my goal is to go to Worlds.

  • 1st Place TCG Czech Nationals 2017
  • Multiple YCS Tops and Regional Wins (TCG)
  • 4x MCS Top 32
  • 1x Meta Weekly 2nd Place
  • 3x Meta Weekly Top 4
  • Top 10 Player Clan Wars Season 6
  • 1st Place in various community tournaments (Battle Phase/PCT/Giraffe Bi-Weekly/MC Cup/FM Series/SGL Mega Weekly/etc.)