Justin Joestar

About: I'm from Switzerland and still going to school. I found out about Duel Links through one of those cringy Advertisements on YouTube. As a fan of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Series, I was hoping to be able to play as Noah Kaiba one day... I usually don't play in duel links tournaments, as I'm moderating them. If I do play, I usually only play Memes, like Toons. Toons are a great archetype! I hope to see more, non-gamebreaking support for them in the future. My favorite Anime is Nanatsu no Taizai. The most awesome characters are Gloxinia and King (and not Ban! - fight me Gia!). People find me outside of the Discord together with friends, or in skateparks.

  • Adopted Son of Gia and Dkayed
  • Started as an Officer in September 17 promotion to Mod Manager in March 18
  • Creator of a YouTube-Channel with all character related Voicelines for DuelLinks with close to 1000 Subscribers already
  • Reached King of Games with Toons in the Harpy / Relinquished Meta in April (no Toon Kingdom)
  • Meme Master and King crowned by Gia