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About: I have played Duel Links since its European release in January 2017 and I got my first King of Games in February using a Harpy Lady deck. After my first KoG I lost interest in the game but I returned when Gladiator Beasts were announced since that was my favourite deck in the Trading Card Game which I played competitively up to late 2010 only quitting to start university. Discovering the competitive Duel Links scene has allowed me to fall back in love with a game which I had missed for seven years. I consider myself to be a creative player and have created a handful of decks myself and others have used to hit King of Games with. I have also written in-depth guides for the Gladiator Beast and Destiny Hero Archetypes. In real life my name is Brendan, I am 26 years old and live in the north of England. When I am not tagging out Gladiators I am usually writing up my PhD thesis on the fascinating subject of sensory marketing. I am passionate and knowledgeable about Duel Links and I am always happy to help out players on the Discord, just send me a ping. I will also use this space to say that I am looking for a team as player or coach for team wars season three.

  • Duel Links Meta Gladiator Beast Expert
  • Six times King of Games
  • Top 4 Meta Weekly
  • Team Wars Referee
  • Created multiple KoG decks on the Discord including Mighty as Fire Control and Silent as Water Hammer Shark as well as many non-standard Gladiator Variants & Multiple TCG Regional tops
  • Deck Type Expert

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