About: My name is Bendytendy and I have been playing Duel Links since mid 2018 when I rediscovered how much I enjoy Yugioh! I am a big fan of combo decks like Synchron and Crystron and love to find ways to win with rogue strategies. I founded TCG Clan during Season 1 with friends I made in the ygo-tcg-irl channel in the DLM discord and we are still going strong here in Season 4! Outside of Yugioh my interests involve other PC games, hockey, and golf. I'm always willing to help out so don't hesitate to send me a DM, I won't bite :)

  • 2nd Place MW #94
  • 2nd Place PCT #33
  • 2nd Place Homie Cup #14
  • Top 32 in MCS #19 & MCS #32
  • Clan Wars S3 Quarterfinalist
  • Top 4 MW #54 & MW #92
  • Top 8 MW #64 & MW #90
  • Multiple DLM Anytime Tournament Wins
  • Multiple top 32/16 finishes in MWs
  • Mulitple top 32/16 finishes in Community Tournaments
  • Deck Type Expert

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