About: I am a 22 year-old French guy who has been playing Duel Links since December 2016. First known for ranking 7 Europe in 2017 WCQ and being a cancerous player with my main decks being Weevil Burn, Destiny Draw Burn, Duel, standby! Mill and Stall, I then started helping managing tournaments thanks to Taaha and Chilah. Outside of Duel Links I play a lot of other games, mostly CCGs and I am also passionate about Nordic Mythology. I have been playing video games since I was 7 years old, my first game being Bomberman Kart on PS2. I used to be very active as a moderator but now work is forcing me to slow down a lot, though I am not planning on leaving anytime soon and this is only temporary.
Favourite quote: "I am not a gamer because I chose to have no life but because I chose to have multiple."

  • Rank 7 Europe WCQ 2017
  • Former MCS Admin and Duel Links Meta Moderator
  • Former DLM Website Content Manager
  • Former Duel Links Pro and Duel Links Open Head Organizer
  • Former Team Wars Commissioner
  • Manager of the Official French Ranking
  • Moderator for multiple other international and French Discords
  • Justin Joestar's big sister
  • Will Cup 2 winner
  • Self-proclaimed Best Mod EUW (lul)
  • Deck Type Expert