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New Top Player Council

These are the top 16 players from the “Meta Ladder” of season 3, join us in welcoming them! Their thoughts on the recent 5D’s update are below.

1st: tomvdelzen 2nd: Kcful 3rd: wayne kenoff 4th: ShinySopheon
5th: Eugen Heidt 6th: Jason 7th: Mistilteinn 8th: Flips
9th: Luke Tyler 10th: Sasuke 11th: SocalsFinest 12th: BlackJesus
13th: Rafa 14th: zaidking 15th: monkeyboy44 16th: SDotAkuma
Manager: superforms

Thoughts on the 5D’s expansion

“What are your thoughts on the new 5D’s characters + cards?”

ShinySopheon: They all suck right now. Once we get better generic Synchros they will be better. For example, the Sylvan Synchro engine is pretty strong but with nothing worth summoning it just falls flat.

Jason: Underwhelming, without decent generic Synchros, none of the good decks will use them. Neither have they created new archetypes that are heavily Synchro-centric.

Flips: Characters are cool. Synchros are doo doo right now without the support they need.

Kcful: They are underwhelming, as the mast majority already knows. I have hope in the next minibox but the current card/skill pool has nothing tier-worthy to offer, and even disappoints many non-meta players.

Sasuke: So far 5D’s seems to be a bit of a let down as far as the competitive aspect of the game goes. Rumors that Blackwings could be a thing with the first we are getting within the next month, but for now nothing too impressive. Stardust Dragon is really cool and strong but not enough to be meta changing. Coolest part of 5D’s for me are the playmats, to be completely honest.

SocalsFinest: They always introduce things slow. So as of now, they aren’t very relevant in competitive play.

Mistilteinn: I don’t think I need to say this as everybody knows, but all of the character cards are really bad. But I don’t think we should have expected them to be good since Konami usually does not make F2P cards competitively viable. In terms of the characters chosen I’m happy with the starting line-up. Obviously just misses Jack Atlas since he’s the Kaiba of 5D’s.

Rafa: I think the large player base expected some Synchro to be minimally relevant at the start of 5D’s which did not happen. Most drop and level up cards are shameful, and lv30 characters are acceptable but they need to have their levels expanded quickly.

Luke Tyler: Cards like Unknown Synchron and D.D. Sprite are Tuner monsters with great potential. Most of the other 5D’s support, however, demands additional synergistic cards to make them relevant (the Gemini stuff is cool though). The skill of Akiza’s – What Grows in the Graveyard – stands out to me because as the card pool expands with more Plant-type Tuners and Level 4/5/6 Synchro monsters, this opens the gateway to an abusable 1-card Synchro toolbox deck.

zaidking: Pretty underwhelming so far, no strong Synchros yet and very mediocre level up rewards besides Yusei’s level 30 card which I do think has good potential for better Synchro bosses.

monkeyboy44: Not completely without future potential, but mostly disappointing. Stardust Dragon is a too-weak beater whose only advantage is surviving Treacherous Trap Hole and the rest of the Synchros we have actual cards for are either mediocre or archetype-specific. None of the Tuners we got are really good enough (and splashable enough into any deck) to help you easily make a Synchro either so at this point it’s really not worth hurting your deck’s consistency to run one. Akiza has an interesting drop skill to start with a revivable plant Tuner in your grave, a few of the Synchro dragons could be decent once we get them as actual standalone cards, and Morphtronics sound like they might have a bit of potential after additional support is released, but as of now we have nothing particularly viable.

wayne kenoff: 5D’s is something I was extremely hyped for and I still think it was a cool addition to the game. The cards we were given just are not enough for the meta and require too high a cost for subpar benefits. Hopefully as the world keeps expanding we will see a greater impact on the game.

Eugen Heidt: Very disappointing. No boss monsters if you’re not using the skills. Zero impact on the meta right now. No Jack Atlas but tbf I haven’t watched the Anime so maybe he also came later.

“What are your thoughts on the first Synchro-based box and structure deck?”

ShinySopheon: Nothing meta-changing here. Obviously Stardust will be good in the future once decks actually have a reason to run tuners, and notable cards like Unexpected Dai, but the rest is pretty trash.

Jason: Useless money sink, every deck lacks 1-2 more cards that would add consistency.

Flips: Good cards for the future but not playable right now.

Kcful: Konami introduced 2 of the best Synchro decks from the TCG, but they gave them to us without their legs. Moreover, the decks just can’t compete since they’re slow and have no consistency.

Sasuke: Also a bit of a disappointment. The main box seems to be important for the future. In the same way GX came with such a strong deck like Cyber Angels, I think we all expected a bit more.

SocalsFinest: The box isnt that valuable in the current meta. I think Genex Undine is a sleeper though.

Mistilteinn: I feel like the Synchro-based box will eventually be a staple for the competitive metagame, but not with the current support in it. The best card in the box is almost definitely Genex Undine.

Rafa: A complete disappointment.

Luke Tyler: Shapesister is a fantastic card that could be abused with Trap monsters, Paleozoic cards. or if we get access to cards that Synchro summon in the opponent’s turn like Steam Synchron. Junk Anchor is also a nice card that could become better once Duel Links gets introduced to more Synchro monsters with “Synchron” monsters as summoning requirements.

zaidking: None of the cards really seemed like they’d have their own archetype,but rather minor additions (Tuner monsters in this case) to current decks with the current Synchro skills that we have (best one being Akiza’s).

monkeyboy44: The structure deck was bad and boring, and nostalgia alone isn’t enough to make Junk monsters win a duel. The box didn’t give us much of anything viable in the current meta and most of it doesn’t even have future potential for once we get better Tuners either.

wayne kenoff: I am a fan of X-Sabers, and I think Genex Undine is a very good card, but as a whole the box was extremely lack uster and destroyed a lot of the hype revolving around the introduction of Synchro summoning in Duel Links.

Eugen Heidt: Konami’s way of cheesing money out of Yusei’s actual boss monsters. I guess we get Junk Synchron in 1-2 Boxes so at least those two are pay-to-win in comparison to the worse skill. Otherwise the box seems underwhelming but has potential.

“What are your thoughts on the future of 5D’s? What do you expect or hope Konami will do with the game in the next year?”

ShinySopheon: They need to start releasing more fleshed out archetypes and better generic Synchros/Tuners if they want 5D’s to succeed. I’m still on the hype train but we need to see more.

Jason: Synchros have high potential to have a great impact on this game. Decks not being able to use Enemy Controller sets limits on deck capability. Masked Heroes for example without ECon needs to play other cards that are not archetype-specific to out a card like Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Synchros in general add extra options to decks and Konami has not released decent generic Tuners/Synchros to support any deck.

Flips: The new box has a few powerful Synchros cards but as I said I don t think we have enough Synchro support right now to make them playable. I hope Konami keeps releasing Synchro support or other powerful archetypes to change up the meta. I think the meta right now is a bit redundant; there are lots of ways they can add new archetypes without power creeping.

Kcful: I expect the next minibox to introduce a more efficient Synchro deck. I expect Fire Fist. Besides that I hope for Konami to change Duel Links to a competitive platform rather then a gacha game.

Sasuke: I hope 5D’s shakes the meta up a bit over the span of the next few months. I really would like to be in a meta full of Synchros in nearly all the top meta decks. Synchros are really fun and interactive and I hope Konami doesn’t screw this up. If they really care about the game they’ll listen to all feedback they get and use that to make the game the best it can be.

SocalsFinest: I’m sure they will push Synchros and give us a broken one that will define the meta.

Mistilteinn: Konami is very unpredictable, and without inside-info I think speculating is pointless. That being said I am very excited for the bringing of 5D’s, and with it hopefully a more skillfull metagame like what happened in the TCG for 2008-2011. Synchro also has a ton of support for different archetypes, and I’m really hoping one of my favorite archetypes (Aromage) becomes competitively viable this year. It might be a bit tough for new players to understand Synchros off the bat, but it won’t take long until it’s an accepted staple addition to the game as a whole.

Rafa: I expect from the future of 5ds a meta that Synchro is relevant, I know that day will arrive with all certainty even if it takes a long time. I have an expectation for the future in decks like Six Samurai and so on.

Luke Tyler: My assumption is that Konami will slowly push Synchro summoning with the upcoming boxes. It is now evident that they plan to introduce the Signer Dragons in boxes and not just with the skills that put them into your Extra Deck. If this hypothesis is true, that means there will be a box with Black Rose Dragon sooner or later. Furthermore, I have a suspicion that the box with Black-Winged Dragon will introduce some decent Blackwing monsters to compensate for how terrible Black-Winged Dragon is.

zaidking: I think Konami just wanted to milk out as much money just from the 5D’s hype. People are judging way too quickly at the moment and haven’t even given it a month yet – it’s best to wait. As for the future of this game, I think it’s best for Konami to think properly about each step and release that they’re doing.

monkeyboy44: 5D’s still has plenty of potential and plenty of hope. Konami just needs to release better and more generic Tuners and Synchros and we’ll see what happens. Ideally it would be nice if things got generic enough that not everyone was playing the exact same Tuners and Synchros, but it’s Konami so you never really know.

wayne kenoff: Konami will surely introduce better Synchros and I believe with the current card pool they could introduce some of the more powerful Synchro monsters and still be kept under control by cards like TTH, Paleozoic Canadia, Floodgate Trap Hole, etc.

Eugen Heidt: Once we get all Signer Dragons (all Ultra Rares in Main Boxes obviously) with good Tuners, it will be very interesting. Also, I expect many good and interesting Tuners to be released which wasn’t possible without Synchros. For example Effect Veiler or Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring which would push down some “Hey, Trunade! and OTK” formats. It will be interesting to see what happens if we get into the Tengu-plant stage of 5D’s, the Synchro era’s “lategame”, if any. It shouldn’t be that overwhelming like in the TCG because we only have 3 zones but I’m looking forward to play that new way of Duel Links, hopefully with 8000 LP when we get to that point.

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