Ranked Duels Rewards - November

New Cards

As we already found in our Leaks article, new Ranked Duel Tickets rewards are now available!

Duel Links Card: Vortex%20the%20Whirlwind
Duel Links Card: Djinn%20Presider%20of%20Rituals
Duel Links Card: Really%20Eternal%20Rest

As well as previous event, level-up and starter deck rewards:

Duel Links Card: Ultimate%20Ancient%20Gear%20Golem
Duel Links Card: Wetlands
Duel Links Card: Spirit%20of%20the%20Breeze
Duel Links Card: Peacock

Note: Ranked Duel Tickets from seasons before November 2018 cannot be used to obtain these rewards.


Ranked Duels Ticket Rewards

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Ranked Victories Ticket Rarity
2 N
7 N
10 N (Glossy)
20 R
30 SR
40 R (Glossy)
60 SR
70 R
100 UR
120 SR (Glossy)

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