Duel Links Meta

Duel Links Meta

New Structure Deck: Return of the Red-Eyes

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May 9th Update

The new Structure Deck: Return of the Red-Eyes has been leaked! Still no release date.

Return of the Red-Eyes

Duel Links Card: Red-Eyes%20B.%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Red-Eyes%20Archfiend%20of%20Lightning
Duel Links Card: Red-Eyes%20Fusion
Duel Links Card: Return%20of%20the%20Red-Eyes
Duel Links Card: Red-Eyes%20Retro%20Dragon
Duel Links Card: Red-Eyes%20Toon%20Dragon

Leaked Card

Duel Links Card: Beckoned%20by%20the%20World%20Chalice

New Sale and Selection Box!

Sale and Selection Box are coming this May 13!



NEW Character IDs Added to the Game Files!

  • Kalin Kessler (Not Dark Signer)




Keep in mind that the datamined information is speculation, and remains unconfirmed until officially announced by Konami.